About Us

LittleBig Bikes is a kids bike company, based in Ireland, that designs and builds great balance bikes. We use innovative design and quality manufacturing to balance value, function, aesthetics and sustainability. Our aims are to:

Our Founder - Simon Evans

Simon Evans – round the World cyclist – founded LittleBig in Ireland in 2014.

Simon was one half of Revolution Cycle, the two-person team who, in 2010, completed the first Irish circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle. This epic adventure covered 30,000km through some of the highest, driest, remotest, wettest, and hottest places on earth. It affirmed Simon’s love not only for bicycles, but for the freedom they afford for travel, exploration, fitness and mental health.

Simon is also an engineer. His talent for creating elegant, real-world solutions through careful design and detailing led to early roles as a structural consultant. Simon helped develop ultra modern edifices and restore ancient historic buildings. These experiences in sustainable design, allied with his wealth of bicycle knowledge, propelled him to design and develop the LittleBig adaptable balance bike.

Founding Story

After completing Revolution Cycle, I was working as a mechanic and sales person at a bike shop in Greystones. It was there that I came across balance bikes (aka strider bikes) and saw how quickly kids were comfortable on them.

Often small kids would just jump onto one and start zooming around the shop, it just seemed so natural for them. However typical strider bikes are very small and kids quickly grow out of them. On top of that, when the child is ready to begin pedalling, the parents needed to come back and buy a new bike.

I thought to myself, kids won't ever stop growing, so why not make a bike that can? Being an engineer, my creative mind began churning out ideas and a few designs later, the LittleBig bike was created.

Green Thinking

At LittleBig bikes, one of our main aims is to make kids bikes more sustainable through simple yet considered design, the reduction of material waste and the assurance of a long product life.

Long lasting parts and materials

The LittleBig uses a rust proof aluminium frame that is fitted with strong, well built parts that will last and work effectively for longer than normal.

We have selected high quality components like those you would find on an adult’s bike. In the unlikely event that you should break a part (accidents do happen) then these can be repaired or replaced at your local bike shop.

We’ve known some LittleBig bikes that have been passed down to 4 different kids and still going!

Minimising and reducing packaging

When assembling the LittleBig bikes here in Ireland, we re-use as much of the cardboard and plastics as possible. We are constantly looking for ways to give a second life to our packaging.

For example the frame, wheel and saddle cartons are used by others for moving home, office storage 0r no dig gardening. When we received a few cracked timber pallets they were re-made into the frame of a greenhouse for growing veggies!

One child - One bike

LittleBig’s unique 3-in-1 design means it adapts with your growing child. There is no need to switch bikes to change bike size. No more excess discards.

Customers in England, Scotland and Wales will not be charged VAT through our shop, but you will need to pay UK VAT at 20% once the your order arrives in the UK.


The LittleBig balance bike is duty free and the pedals attract 4% duty. Taxes are paid directly to UK Revenue and are handled by the courier DPD who charge a £5 admin fee.  Example: for the classic bike and separate pedal attachment, the taxes and charges equate to approximately £49 GBP.

Northern Ireland customers will be charged VAT of 23% on our website, but you will not be liable for any additional taxes or charges.