Initial Assembly of your LittleBig Bike

Converting your LittleBig from Little to Big mode

converting the LittleBig to Pedal Mode

Note: The LittleBig must be in the BIG mode before fitting the pedals.

raising the Handlebars on the LittleBig bike

The handlebars can be raisedby up to 30mm by following the method below:

  1. Loosen the two black 6mm allen bolts on the side of the stem.
  2. Remove the silver 5mm allen bolt from the top of the stem then remove the top cap, the stem and the 15mm spacer.
  3. Fit the spacer over the fork tube then place the stem on top of the spacer.
  4. Fit the top cap then tighten the silver 5mm allen bolt until snug so there is no forward/backward play between the frame and fork (best to pull the front brake while doing this).
  5. Align the handlebars with the front wheel and tighten the two 6mm allen bolts securely.
  6. Check the handlebars are secure by holding the front wheel between your legs and ensure the handlebars cannot move independently of the wheel.

It is possible to get an additional 15mm of handlebar height by flipping the stem during the process above. It wasn’t designed aesthetically to work upside down but it will function perfectly.

brake adjustment

We assemble everything here in Ireland and it all adjusted correctly when it leaves us, but sometimes things move slightly while in packing, transit and re-assembly.

First check the front wheel is fitted the correct way, with the arrows/ chevrons in the tyre (>>>>>>>>) pointing towards the front of the bike, like shown in the photo above. 

If one pad is rubbing, it’s possible to balance the brakes by adjusting the spring tension. This can be done using the small cross point screw at the base of the caliper (the black brake arm). Turning the screw clockwise increases the spring tension and pulls the pad from the rim. For example, if the pad on the left is rubbing, tighten the screw on the left, if the pad on the right is rubbing, tighten the right.

Bear in mind that as the calipers are joined together by the cable, they are in a tug of war, i.e. as one pad moves away from the rim, the other will move closer.

If you have any difficulties with the adjustment, please email or WhatsApp a video to us and we can help you.

download pdf instructions

The instructions are provided with your LittleBig bike, but if you have any queries about the bike assembly or adjusting it to suit your child, please contact us.
Don’t have the pedal attachment yet, or need further spares or accessories?