LittleBig Balance Bike Reviews

We love these bikes! We ordered all the way from the U.S. My twins just turned 5 on 4/3 and we used the bikes for a year with no pedals. We put the pedals on for the first time on their 5th birthday and off they went! It was amazing! Great quality product! You definitely get what you pay for.
Katie, 12th April 2019

I was so happy with the service I received from this company. I ordered the LittleBig bike in mid September and requested dispatch on 8th October which duly happened.
The bike is absolutely brilliant, my grandson is thrilled to bits with it, he is not quite 2 but he sat on the bike whilst I held it for him, within 5 – 10 minutes he could push himself along. I can’t wait until he grows so I can fit the pedals ( not really wishing his life away ). The bike is very well made and should last for a few years. It was a toss up between the Green one and the Red one, so pleased we chose Green.
I would also like to thank Simon and his team for the professionalism and service shown during this transaction.
I have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone thinking of purchasing a LittleBig Bike.
Trevor, UK, 15th October 2018

Excellent bike.
We bought the little big bike for our 4 year old. We had been struggling to decide on our next bike purchase for our son. He wasn’t ready for pedals, but I really didn’t want to invest in a balance bike he would perhaps only use for a season. In researching on the internet I came across the little big bikes. So far this bike is great. It rides smoothly and isn’t too heavy for my son to use. He says he is ready for pedals now, but unfortunately he is just a bit short for the switch to the pedals. It is fall here in Canada, so probably by next spring he will be tall enough. Overall a well designed bike, that will probably last another few years for my son.
Katie, Canada, 14th September 2018

I saw an article about bikes for toddlers and became interested in Littlebig bike straight away. Indeed, we are not disappointed – it looks very cool in Apple green colour, easy assemble and to drive. My boy is nearly 4 and I was worried that we missed the opportunity to try a balance bike but with Littlebig we feel happy as we adjusted the seat and its perfect for him. He is happy at the moment without pedals but we bought them as well for future. Enjoying our time in the park with Littlebig bike. It would be handy to have some accessories like Strap to carry because as a mum of two its not easy to carry a bike and to drive a buggy. Thank you, Simon and team.
Tatyana, UK, 22nd August 2018

We received our Little Big Balance Bike with Pedals bundle for our 5 year olds birthday gift in just 7 days and we’re located in Atlanta, GA USA! He rode the bike 3 days in balance mode, so we decided to try the pedals on day 4. I wasn’t convinced that the transition to a pedal bike was going to be seamless but it was just that! He needed a push on his first try, but after that he’s been wanting to do nothing but ride his bike. Before Little Big he had a 12″ Strider which served him well, however he prefers the softer seat and the looks of his Little Big.
Simon was also very helpful and gave informative information via email.
Thanks Little Big!
Kelley, USA – 21st August 2018

I live in Dubai with my wife and kids and we purchased 2 bikes from LittleBig Bikes for our children to learn how to cycle. This was almost 3 years ago and we are still using one of them for our son and the other we gave to some friends to use as they could not believe how easily our daughter learnt to ride (and now she has outgrown it). These bikes are a fantastic invention and exceedingly clever. People love to complain about products and I had to take the time to send a personal thank you to Simon, the owner, to show him my gratitude. Both of our children are now such confident riders thanks to their LittleBig Bikes. You should be very proud of your product and your brand!! Its amazing! Thanks, Irfan
Irfan – 24th July 2018

Brilliant. Ordered the blue one for my son’s third birthday. It was sent quickly and well packaged. There was a very noticeable scratch on one of the brake parts when we unwrapped it but desperately didn’t want to have to send the whole thing back and disappoint my son so I emailed, was immediately offered a replacement part free of charge with no fuss (I’ll admit I was expecting to have to fight for it). New part was sent out quickly and my son was none the wiser. Lovely sturdy bike, obviously very well made. My son loves his first proper “big boy” bike and I’m happy that he’s got something that’s going to last him. He’s not managed a solo ride yet but it’s only been a week! And it’s been snowing….. Thank you especially to Simon at Little Big Bikes for spring our the replacement for us so effortlessly.
Katy – Feb 28, 2018

Wow! We bought this bike for our little grandson Elliot this Christmas. He is 2 and a half and had tried a balance bike before. My son recommended this company as it had been recommended to him by a colleague. I went on line and ordered the bike, Elliot had already asked for the “Apple green” one. I was ordering from our house in France and knew we would not be back in U.K. to receive it as it is dispatched in 3/4 days. I contacted Simon who said that I could go ahead and order and just put a message when I checked out for a delayed delivery date. And it all worked perfectly of course, I was kept in touch with dispatch etc. and it arrived safely. It is the best bike anyone could get for a child, it can start as a balance bike and then the pedal set can be put on, so the age range is easily 2-7 years. Beautifully made ( engineered my son says) and Elliot is rarely off it. Well done Littlebigbikes worth every penny.
Christine – January 22, 2018

I have twins, so I´m so very happy that I don´t have to buy 2 bikes of every size for the next 5 years! They got the bikes for their 2 year old birthday this autumn. The girls are not very tall, so the bikes were a tiny bit too big for them on their birthday (but they still loved it – just got a little help at first). The bikes already fit better so they will be perfect this fall and summer (and every fall and summer over the next years).The bikes are very sturdy, and even so they are lighter that expected. Overall a great quality.
Bryndís – January 26, 2018

“Big Blue” travels along wherever we go!
The quality, robust and ingenious design makes us both, father and son, proud and creates a sense of care.
It gives me great pleasure to see my 3 year old enjoying his bike!
Giuseppe – January 15, 2018

We came across littlebigbike through google as we were looking for a balance bike to replace my two year old daughter’s tricycle for Christmas. Simon was quick at responding to all our questions. We’re pleased with our purchase as despite the colour we were after being out of stock; Simon ensured one was ordered and arrived on time. Most part of the bike came already pre-assembled so you only need to follow a few simple instructions to complete. Unfortunately the bell we ordered was missed in the initial shipment but was shipped immediately afterwards.Overall an excellent balance bike – well thought through to accomodate ages from 2 to 7 years old. Excellent customer service and we would highly recommend littlebigbikes. Most importantly my daughter loves her new bike and she’s practising in the park as often as she can. It would be great if littlebigbikes had other accessories such as handle bar ends and mud guards.
G. Matsumura – January 15, 2018

Great bike, looks good, lightweight enough for our kid to pick up when needed, easy to use, great size range (our 5 year old is on the lowest seat setting for the “big bike”) LOVE that it converts to a pedal bike. This bike sits more like a road bike and less Like a cruiser, which seems to be preferred by my kids because “it’s faster”. The only con I have is that the breaks are hard to put on when you attach the pedals. For someone with a mechanical mind I’m sure it’d be easier, but that’s not me so I had to enlist help from my father in law. Love the customer service, super helpful and responsive to emails. I would and often do recommend this company. We’re buying a second for our two year old, and next Christmas when our last little one is a little bigger he’s getting one too. We got our 5 year old this bike for his birthday. We were trying to get him off the training wheels and after a few weeks on this balance bike we added the pedals. As soon as he pushed off the first time he had it down, it was so natural!
Emma – December 05, 2017

My recently turned 4 year old son outgrew his smaller “Balance” Bike and was not quite ready for a pedal bike yet. I had some questions prior to purchase and Simon responded rapidly to answer my questions. Ordering the LittleBig bike was super easy, and the bike showed up in California in less than a week form the shipping date with no damage. Assembly was easy and my son was ripping around the neighbourhood in no time. His legs are a tad too short for stage 2, so I set him up for stage 1 and after one ride he was using the hand brakes to stop himself. I am very impressed with the build and quality of the frame and I would recommend the LittleBig bike to anyone. I can’t express my joy to share my passion for bicycling with my little man and I believe that the LittleBig Bike is setting him up for a lifelong love of cycling. Thanks so much LittleBig, you have surpassed my (very steep) expectations.
Eric – October 02, 2017

Amazing !! Today my daughter rode on her own with the pedals on and I am proud as punch as is she !!! I absolutely Couldn’t recommend this bike enough – she is 6 and we have been trying for so long for her to ride on traditional bikes but the stabilisers stayed on, even then she was unconfident, after a lot of reading and lots of searching we found little big bikes and decided to try back to a balance bike, we bought it only 4 months ago and it was clear that she enjoyed it and bobbed along as a big balance bike no problems at all and as I said today she made her transition into riding properly ?! It was like she has been riding for years !! I have a little 15 month old so I will be converting it back into it’s mini balance bike state and do it properly this time ! Thank you so much little big Bikes – ps I do not ever right reviews but really felt compelled due to such a great product !!!
Neil – April 11, 2017

The bike engineering is ingenious, high quality, and built to last. Shipping was astonishingly fast; we received it in the US within just 4 days. Communication and customer service were outstanding and they kindly modified the brakes to adhere with US standards.
Brian June 2017

Delighted with this purchase especially as it is an Irish design! Bought Sept/Oct 2015 for our then 3 1/2 year old daughter. It’s a beautiful, quality piece of equipment, easy to assemble and also to convert to a peddle bike. Due to its sturdy build, it’s a bit on the heavy side for a balance bike, especially when our daughter had had enough “cycling”.

Our daughter quickly got the hang of balancing, and asked for the peddles to be added after we had moved back to Dublin from the UK late last year. After practicing a few times, she is now able to cycle by herself, though we still have to help her push off. She loves the bike, is very motivated to take it out to practice, and should be able to fully cycle by herself after this spring and summer are over.

The whole transition of first balancing, then properly cycling on a single bike worked out even better than we had hoped for. We were regularly asked where we had bought the bike while we were living in the UK last year! It really turned heads at our local skate park where our daughter was brave enough to try it out on some small slopes!!
Rebecca April 2017

I purchased this bike for my 3 year old son. He was having a hard time with pedals on other bikes we had tried. He took off on this bike the day he got it; he rode the bike all evening until it became dark.It is incredibly well balanced, and is of exceptional quality. I was impressed with the hand brakes, this is a feature not found on other balance bikes, and makes for a good transition to a bike with pedals. I could not be happier, and am so glad we went with the little big bike.
Nicole April 11, 2017

If you are on the fence due to the price of this bike, buy it! This bike is a quality piece that will grow with your child for a number of years (and reduce the number of bikes you will eventually have to buy over the years). I also like that this balance bike comes with brakes since I live in a hilly area. Many other balance bikes do not or only come with one brake.

PS, Some assembly and adjustment of brakes, etc will be required. I work on bikes in my spare time and was able to quickly adjust to a great ride for my 2.5 year old. Learning how to adjust these things can be quickly done from the internet.
Nathaniel April 11, 2017

Fabulous sturdy bike that our adventure mad three year old adores. It is a ‘proper’ bike and we will be adding the pedals shortly after having it as a balance bike for almost a year- just in time for 4th birthday. Would highly recommend these bikes as a longer lasting option to the basic balance bikes. Looks smart and the colours are bright and eye-catching. It’s admired by lots of people. Love it.
Orlagh April 11, 2017

We bought this bike in December 2016 for a three year old. Within three months, of infrequent use (weather and work schedules don’t allow a lot of outdoor cycling time), he is quite good at balancing and we think he could be ready for pedals quite soon.
The bike itself is ‘a proper bike’, unlike many other balance bikes and is of high quality. However, for the purchase to be good value, the bike will have to last another few years, following the attachment of the pedals and flipping to make the bike ‘bigger’. It is too early to say at this stage. Hopes are high though!!
Brendan April 11, 2017

I am extremely pleased with my LittleBig bike. I was looking for a balance bike for my four year old daughter for Christmas 2016 but was a bit annoyed at the idea of what I would have to pay for a quality bike only to turn around and buy a pedal bike a few months later when she was ready for it. I happened across this during some Google research and I’m glad I did. Initially it seems expensive but when considering that you get three high quality bicycles in one package, and that you only have to go through the research, buying and assembly process really one time, it’s totally worth it.

The bicycle is very well made. It feels sturdy, fit and finish is great, and everything operates smoothly. Simon is an excellent communicator and was happy to have the hand brakes reversed prior to shipping so that they would match the standard USA configuration.

The bike arrived here from Ireland in great condition and was relatively easy to assemble. The pink color is wonderful and seems quite durable.

The best part is that my daughter is in love. We were too busy to use it outside on Christmas day, but the next day, even though it was below freezing she insisted on going for her first ride. It fits her very well in the “little” balance bike configuration as she is a tad short for her age.

Now that the weather has warmed up, she’s out riding and working on her skills almost every day. I’ve recommended this bike to my little sister who has a three year old and I would definitely buy it again.
Aaron – April 11, 2017

We’ve just received our bike yesterday, and assembled this morning. Waouh, the quality is very impressive, my kid was very excited to try it! All the people we could meet in the village were astonished by its beauty!!!

Really good
Sebastien – March 8, 2016

I was looking for a bike for my daughter who has Dyspraxia and was struggling with heavy bikes and with pedals. She is in love with it… she loves the colour of it and is able to handle it really well. The lightwieght bike is perfect as it is stylish in appearance and colour scheme, strong, well designed and built. The versatility of it in terms of being able to be bigger than most balance bikes and combine with or without pedals is great. Colour – size – weight- quality all first class. The bike is easily assembled and comes with the tools to do it along with instructions (if needed) The customer service for communications on delivery etc has been great and something that other companies should aspire to.. very happy daddy and daughter … Thanks to Simon and LittleBig Bikes.
Steve – June 15, 2016

I have been looking for a balance bike for my 2 year old for a few months. I never could seem to find one that was ‘just right’. The bikes were either too big or too small and not built to last. I started thinking how great it would be to find a balance bike that converts to a pedal bike. One that he can become comfortable and familiar with while learning to balance, steer, and ride. I finally came across the LittleBig. There is no other balance bike or pedal bike that even comes close to the LittleBig. The LittleBig is exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate the fine attention to detail, the overall quality, design and function. This bike far surpasses any other I found on today’s market. LittleBig is truly second to none. This bike was designed with my growing child in mind.
Erica – September 4, 2015

This bike is simply an engineering feat!!! Our son is not even two years old yet, and he has been getting used to sitting on it and getting us to push him around. Surely enough, he is at a stage when he is able to hold his own weight and start to balance and push himself around! The design, colour and practicality of this bike is fantastic, as our son will have this bike for years, due to the crank and chain set that we bought for it. Overall, we are very pleased parents and have a happy and active son :) Well done Simon!
Alexis – April 13, 2015

We gave the balance bike to our daughter on her 3rd birthday just before Christmas 2015 – it being her first bike. I must admit I was little nervous as she hadn’t really taken to a scooter earlier in the year – but she just threw her leg over it and was walking up and down the lounge instantly with a big grin on her face! She absolutely loves her bike and although we have only been able to go out at the weekends at the moment, she has really taken to it and is already confidently pulling her legs up and rolling along at quite a speed. I must say I am amazed and can really see the benefit of using a balance bike instead of stabilizers. And the product has gathered many admiring glances and plenty of interest from other parents!
Yes it is a premium product, but you do get what you pay for and given that this should last a good number of years and stand up to the punishment you would expect a young child to give it, I feel confident that this is a sound investment.
All in all, I am really pleased and I expect I will be ordering the pedals sooner than I expected. Very much recommended – and it is also worth noting that customer service has been excellent.
Paul – February 22, 2016

I found LittleBig online while searching for a Christmas present (2015) for my little girl who is two. I was thinking about getting a bike for her but wasn’t sure about a balance bike as I’d heard friends say that their children had out grown them so quickly. Then I found LittleBig, and it seemed to solve the problem, as she definitely isn’t ready for pedals yet, despite what she thinks.
The team at LittleBig pulled out all the stops to make sure my bike arrived on time, and they provided excellent customer service, answering all my questions with rapid email response.

The bike arrived and it is excellent. Even meeting the approval of my discerning husband (who has an engineering background). Solid and well built (maybe a touch too heavy for my little two year old, but nothing a couple more months growing wont fix). My little one is fractionally shorter than her peers, so she needs to grow a little more before she’ll be racing around on it, so for now she just rings the bell. But she absolutely loves her new bike, and I won’t trade it for anything.
Samantha  – January 15, 2016

I saw the littleBIG Late Late Show and thought it would be great for my little fella (3Yrs Old) for Christmas.
The bike arrived the week before Christmas and I was impressed with the ease of assembly, the build quality and overall design.My sons face on Christmas morning was priceless. He loves his bike and keeps asking to go out for a cycle.
I went for the Flame Red model and got the pedal and crank assembly at the same time.
This keeps the options open for any future additions to the clan (either a boy or a girl)!

Conall – January 16, 2015

A bike that ages with you: even when you are young. Brilliant. Its lovely looking and made with quality parts.
I think it’s the best idea I’ve seen in ages and my 3 year old Nephew agrees (even though doesn’t quiet say it like that: He just keeps flying around on it)

Leonard – February 11, 2015

This bike is amazing!! A Christmas present for our Son who had just turned 3 and he loves it. He has had no problems learning to ride it and can now balance for miles!! It’s easy for him to handle making turning and gliding a piece of cake. Made of high quality materials the bike is sturdy yet light enough for my son to pick up should he fall off it. It’s great to know that it will last him years and we can’t wait to try him on the pedals this summer. A truly fantastic product. Great customer service saw the bike arrive in Abu Dhabi in time for Christmas – perfect!!
Demelza – May 16, 2015

I was reluctant for my son to learn how to ride a bike with stabilisers, often when I am out I see older children riding with stabilisers and I did not want the same for my son. I h