5 reasons why you shouldn’t use stabilisers on your kids bike in 2020

Stabilisers don't teach a child balance

I was recently down at the local BMX track and while I was chilling out between laps, a couple of kids started whizzing about on their bikes, or at least one of them did. You see, one of them was on a traditional pedal bike and the other was on a balance bike. While the guy on the balance bike had no trouble with the undulating and slippy gravel surface, his buddy kept toppling […]

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How to teach your child to ride a bike confidently & safely

LittleBig bike rider about to pedal for the first time

Learning to ride a bike is one of life’s big milestones, something parent and child will remember forever. Kids these days are learning to ride younger than ever. I was 5 when I got my first bike and 6 when I took off my stabilisers (which was a scary experience), but that was before the advent of balance bikes. These days kids can be pedalling independently (without stabilisers) as young as 3 years old! Of course […]

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Balance Bikes Explained: Everything You Need To Know

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Teaching your child how to ride a bike confidently and safely is a skill that doesn’t necessarily come naturally or easily.

Ok, there are kids who seem to be able to just pedal away at a very young age with very little parental help or advice, but these are the outliers. Most children go through a learning process, which may take days, weeks or even months. The fact is, every child is different and learns at a […]

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LittleBig bike vs Strider 14x Convertible balance bike/ pedal bike comparison

littlebig bike vs strider 14x convertible balance bikeWe’ve been asked a few times recently about the difference between the Strider 14x and the LittleBig bike. At first glance they seem similar since they can both convert from a balance bike to a pedal bike, but in reality they have a number of differences.

Designed and hand assembled in Ireland the LittleBig has a unique sleek frame design with a high quality finish. LittleBig has 3 modes: little balance bike, big balance bike and big […]

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Balance Bike or Kids Bike with Stabilisers. Which is Best?

balance bike versus kids pedal bike with stabilisers/ training wheels
Like most of you reading this, I learned to ride a pedal bike using stabilisers (a.k.a training wheels). I remember getting my first bike for my 5th birthday and the joy of taking it out on the path while I pedalled along. I also remember the day when my parents took the stabilisers off and I wobbled down the road with my dad running behind me, frantically trying to keep me upright.

I hadn’t yet developed the […]

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