Mountain Biking with Kids | LittleBig Balance Bike & Pedal Bike Review

MountainBiking with Kids

If you want to pass your love of mountain biking on to your children, do your best to start them off at an early age. The LittleBig Bike is an excellent option for learning the initial skill-set that a child will build on for years to come. You won’t have to worry about buying a new bicycle every year since this one will grow along with them. These bikes are designed to last, too.

Ireland’s Simon Evans has come up with a kid’s bike that that is […]

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Balance Bike or Kids Bike with Training Wheels. Which is Best?

balance bike versus kids pedal bike with stabilisers/ training wheels
Like most of you reading this, I learned to ride a pedal bike using training wheels (a.k.a stabilisers). I remember getting my first bike for my 5th birthday and the joy of taking it out on the path while I pedalled along. I also remember the day when my parents took the training wheels off and I wobbled down the road with my dad running behind me, frantically trying to keep me upright.

I hadn’t yet developed the […]

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