Balance Bike or Kids Bike with Stabilisers. Which is Best?

balance bike versus kids pedal bike with stabilisers/ training wheels
Like most of you reading this, I learned to ride a pedal bike using stabilisers (a.k.a training wheels). I remember getting my first bike for my 5th birthday and the joy of taking it out on the path while I pedalled along. I also remember the day when my parents took the stabilisers off and I wobbled down the road with my dad running behind me, frantically trying to keep me upright.

I hadn’t yet developed the […]

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LittleBig bikes on

Movies Babies


We’re delighted to be featured on MovingBabies, the website that provides valuable and trustworthy reviews on advanced baby gear that will have your young one laughing, everywhere you go.

MovingBabies is all about finding and reviewing travel gear best suitable for your young one.

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Balance bike with brakes? Do you need them? LittleBig bikes 2019

The LittleBig balance bike with brakes

So if you’ve been shopping around for balance bikes you’ll no doubt be dazzled by the array of shapes and sizes out there. Some balance bikes have no brakes, others just a rear brake and in the case of the LittleBig, both front and rear brakes. So, which is best?

Well it partly depends on the size and age of your child. If they’re starting really early (around 18 months old) then it’s probably best to go for one with no brakes to keep the […]

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LittleBig bikes Summer Update

2 year olds on their LittleBig balance bikes in Wicklow, Ireland

Lots of kids having fun on their adaptable 3-in-1 LittleBig balance bikes

We hope you’re having a great summer! The LittleBig team had a really fun weekend at the Emerald Enduro with lots of kids whizzing around our bike track on their balance bikes. We even had blue skies for the second year in a row which led to an incredible atmosphere. As it’s National Bike Week we’ll be setting up our […]

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LittleBig bikes – now assembled in Ireland too!




We are very excited to announce that from December 10th we’ll be assembling the LittleBig bikes here in Ireland. This is the next step in our ongoing quest to build the perfect bike for kids that will give them the very best start on two wheels. We’re really looking forward to getting our hands on the beautifully crafted frames, wheels, brakes and saddles before building them into the completed LittleBig.

Assembling in Ireland will ensure we achieve 100% customer satisfaction and continue to receive 5 star reviews like this one from Erica […]

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