Balance Bike or Kids Bike with Training Wheels. Which is Best?

balance bike versus kids pedal bike with stabilisers/ training wheels
Like most of you reading this, I learned to ride a pedal bike using training wheels (a.k.a stabilisers). I remember getting my first bike for my 5th birthday and the joy of taking it out on the path while I pedalled along. I also remember the day when my parents took the training wheels off and I wobbled down the road with my dad running behind me, frantically trying to keep me upright.

I hadn’t yet developed the […]

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Balance bike with brakes? Do you need them?

The LittleBig balance bike with brakes

So if you’ve been shopping around for balance bikes you’ll no doubt be dazzled by the array of shapes and sizes out there. Some balance bikes have no brakes, others just a rear brake and in the case of the LittleBig, both front and rear brakes. So, which is best?

Well it partly depends on the size and age of your child. If they’re starting really early (around 18 months old) then it’s probably best to go for one with no brakes to keep […]

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5 reasons why you shouldn’t use stabilisers on your kids bike

Stabilisers don't teach a child balance

I was recently down at the local BMX track and while I was chilling out between laps, a couple of kids started whizzing about on their bikes, or at least one of them did. You see, one of them was on a traditional pedal bike and the other was on a balance bike. While the guy on the balance bike had no trouble with the undulating and slippy gravel surface, his buddy kept toppling […]

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What is a balance bike? It’s a no pedal kids bike!

Why is there no pedals on that bike?

A question I’ve been asked many times recently as though the pedals had somehow been forgotten and left on the shelf. As soon as I explain that they’re intentionally been left off so the child can learn to balance first, the commenter normally gives a knowing look, as though they’ve seen the light.

The Origin

LittleBig little balance bike green bundleInvented by Karl Drais in 1818, the Dandy Horse was the first means of human transport to use […]

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Top ten tips for getting your child started on their balance bike

LittleBig balance bike WireCutter review

Parents often ask us the best way to get their child started on their bike. Like a chick who’s learning how to fly from the nest, some kids will take to a balance bike straight away, whilst others may need more help and encouragement. This guide works for all kids bikes out there, not just the LittleBig bikes. Here’s our top ten tips that will get your little one started in no time:

1 – Location, location, location

An open area free from distraction will […]

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