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Our convertible balance bike is fitted with quality parts like on a big bike – only little

The LittleBig convertible balance bike is for kids age 2 up to age 7, you can fit pedals too. The unique frame adapts from a pedal-less starter bike for your toddler into a big pedal bike. But there’s no point having a kids bike that lasts for 5 years if the parts rust or break after 1 year. That’s why LittleBig has a high-grade aluminium frame that’s fitted with quality parts such as a lightweight pivotal saddle, alloy riser handlebar and forged alloy BMX style stem.

To keep your child glide along comfortably there are smooth rolling sealed cartridge wheel bearings and multi surface air tires. Alloy short-reach V-brakes front and back ensure your little one can stop easily and safely.

Lightweight & rust-proof alloy frame

The LittleBig frame is made from 6061-T6 aluminium which is commonly used in road and mountain bikes due to its light weight and durability. This results in a total weight of 5.1kg for the growing balance bike (including front and rear brakes) and 6.6kg for the pedal bike.

The lighter the bike weighs, the more easily it can be pushed along, lifted and manoeuvred which will allow your child to have a great biking experience.

Adjustable Ride Feel

Less wobbles while learning – more responsive steering as your child’s abilities improve.

As the LittleBig switches from the little mode to the big mode, the ride feel changes too. In the little mode, steering is slow and stable, becoming more responsive as the balance bikes grow into the bigger mode, and when you add pedals. To see how the bike’s geometry changes, click here.

Big Wheels Are Better

Increased comfort from LittleBig’s large wheel diameter.

LittleBig’s low initial stand-over height allowed us to use 14 inch wheels. They give a more stable ride and glide over bumps better than with the 10 or 12 inch wheels found on standard balance bikes. The wheels are fitted with proper air-filled rubber tires which are comfortable, grippy, and are easily replaceable should they eventually wear out.

Handy for Parents

Lightweight aluminium tubing makes transporting the LittleBig – by hand or car – child’s play.

The LittleBig is great for busy families. Its simple shape and light weight means carrying or popping in the boot of the car is easy. No oily chain on the balance bikes equal no mess. But since your child will be having so much fun on the LittleBig, it’s likely you’ll never need to carry it!

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