LittleBig bikes at the St Patrick's Day parade


The St Patrick’s parade is always a big event on the Irish calendar and this year was no exception with a brilliant festival atmosphere and smiles all round. Even the sun came out to greet us!

We entered our local Greystones parade with a group of riders of age two to six, showing the LittleBig really does grow with your child! There was a really good buzz about the town as we prepared my brothers 1970s VW camper, painted the kids faces and attached Irish flags to the back of their bikes. As the tension mounted before the start, the kids could barely contain their excitement.

Kids on their balance bike as the St.Patrick's parade


When the parade rolled off, the little riders zoomed off at full speed, like formula one cars racing from the line. It was amazing to see how quickly they took to their balance bikes and manoeuvred in their little group. Despite sometimes being distracted by the crowds lining the street and not looking where they were going, the kids managed to avoid any major bumps. Urged on by the spectators, the kids got so far ahead of the van that we had to rein them in; much to their dismay as they wanted to keep on going.

As the older kids climbed up the hill, our tiny two year old kept wanting to stop to ring her bell. When her dad tried to intervene and push her up the hill, he was told in no uncertain terms to leave her to ride her bike. She wanted to do the whole thing herself and didn’t want any help, but with steely determination she pushed with her little legs past the cheering crowds to the top of the main street.

3 girls on their balance bikes at the Greystones parade
Two year old on a balance bike
All too soon, the road leveled out and the crowd began to thin as we rolled down the hill towards the finish and finally to the harbor for a picnic. The bikes were left strewn around the van as the kids tucked in to their sweets and cakes as the excitement began to ease off.

The parade was a really good chance to show how easily kids can use balance bikes, no matter what age they are. When I had dropped off the LittleBig to our tall 6 year old, she was pretty wobbly having being used to stabiliser wheels on her pedal bike. She was shouting “mummy it keeps falling over” as she rolled down the hill. Fast forward one week and she was not only stable on the bike but super fast and confident as she glided along with her feet up, a really great achievement.

A big thanks to all our little riders, our support team, and all the people who came along to watch the parade, it was a really memorable day!

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Picnic time