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Set up in 2014, LittleBig Bikes is the brainchild of Simon Evans…based on the love he has for what he does, together with the quality of his designs, he is one young entrepreneur who seems destined for huge success.

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Simon Evans with Sean Gallagher

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Customers in England, Scotland and Wales will not be charged VAT through our shop, but you will need to pay UK VAT at 20% once the your order arrives in the UK.


The LittleBig balance bike is duty free and the pedals attract 4% duty. Taxes are paid directly to UK Revenue and are handled by the courier DPD who charge a £5 admin fee.  Example: for the classic bike and separate pedal attachment, the taxes and charges equate to approximately £49 GBP.

Northern Ireland customers will be charged VAT of 23% on our website, but you will not be liable for any additional taxes or charges.

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