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LittleBig Red Balance Bike

LittleBig Red Balance Bike


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  • Convertible 3-in-1 balance bike that transforms into a pedal bike
  • Starts as a little red balance bike for kids age two or over
  • As your child grows, the unique frame can grow too
  • Fitting the pedal kit converts the LittleBig into a big pedal bike
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little balance bike flame red side + Widek bell for use with the LittleBig bike + littlebig pedal attachment silver
Price for all three: $266
Frequently Asked Questions
The LittleBig starts as a little balance bike for kids age two or over. Unlike most balance bikes, as your child grows, the unique frame can grow too! The LittleBig is different to normal balance bikes as pedals can be fitted, converting it into a proper pedal bike. For more information about balance bikes and how they work, check out this article.
We sell the balance bike and pedals separately so customers can choose to purchase the balance by itself if preferred. It’s handy to purchase the pedals and have them ready in case your little wants to try pedalling. Sometimes things just click with kids confidence and balancing skills and you might want to strike while the iron is hot and try the pedals ASAP rather than waiting for us to send them to you. You also save the cost of posting the pedals separately.
We would not recommend using stabilisers while your child is learning to pedal. Having started on a balance bike, your child should now be comfortable gliding along independently, so the transition to pedalling will be easy. Putting stabilisers onto the LittleBig bike would be a backwards step as your child would become used their support, undoing all the good work.  You can read more information on our post balance bikes vs stabilisers.
Customers outside the EU will not be charged VAT on our website, however you will be responsible for paying your own countries import duty and taxes. This applies to UK customers since 1st January 2021. The delivery costs shown below do not form part of the VAT and duty payment, they are specifically for delivering the package to the destination. See our customer satisfaction page for more info.

LittleBig’s convertible red balance bike has a unique design that adapts as your child grows. LittleBig transforms from a little balance bike for a two year old into a bigger balance bike. Adding the pedal kit converts the LittleBig into a full pedal bike, so no need to buy a new bike once your child can balance on their own.

Designed and assembled in Ireland, the LittleBig features a beautifully crafted aluminium frame and high quality parts like on a proper big bike, only little.

Includes the growing balance bike only, pedal kit sold separately.

  • LittleBig growing balance bike – Flame Red
  • Assembly guide
  • Tools

Other colours to choose from: Apple Green / Brushed Edition / Sparkle Pink / Electric Blue

Additional information

Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions 87 × 16 × 47 cm
Saddle Height Range

37cm to 55cm
14" to 22"

Frame and Fork

Lightweight and rust proof 6061 Alloy frame with bikes unique growing frame design.
Hi Ten steel fork
Flame Red frame and fork with brushed alloy downtube


14" diameter with multi surface air tyres, cartridge bearing hubs and alloy rims. Laced with 20 spokes.


Kids short reach brake levers with alloy V brakes front and rear


Alloy stem and riser bars with soft rubber grips. Velo pivotal saddle with alloy seatpost.

12 reviews for LittleBig Red Balance Bike

  1. Conall (verified owner)

    I saw the littleBIG Late Late Show and thought it would be great for my little fella (3Yrs Old) for Christmas.

    The bike arrived the week before Christmas and I was impressed with the ease of assembly, the build quality and overall design.

    My sons face on Christmas morning was priceless. He loves his bike and keeps asking to go out for a cycle.

    I went for the Flame Red model and got the pedal and crank assembly at the same time.
    This keeps the options open for any future additions to the clan (either a boy or a girl)!

  2. leonard (verified owner)

    A bike that ages with you: even when you are young. Brilliant. Its lovely looking and made with quality parts.
    I think it’s the best idea I’ve seen in ages and my 3 year old Nephew agrees (even though doesn’t quiet say it like that: He just keeps flying around on it)

  3. Brooke

    I had been researching quality children’s bikes for weeks when I found this site. My 4 yr old daughter has been needing a bigger bike and is ready for pedals, but I was determined that she would not have a coaster brake. In the United States all bikes with wheels under 20in are required by law to be sold with coaster brakes (stupid I know), so I was very happy to find this option. Quality bikes sold in the US get around his law by selling a separate freewheel kit, but at the end of it all you’re out around $400 and the lower end! I wanted my girl (and the boys after her) to have a quality bike that they would love to ride and I found it here. A lot if bike for the money, and it grows with the child. My daughter loves her bike and that she can go faster than she could on the 12″ wheels if her old strider. The handbrakes are easy to pull and she figured them out quickly. The only criticisms I have are that the bike is too big for her in the “big” setting, so we will have to wait a little longer for pedals even though she is ready, and the other issue was that the brakes needed a lot of adjustment when it arrived. When the bike got to us, the brakes would drag on the wheel. The issue was easy enough to resolve and was probably due to shipping. Overall love it, great product.

  4. Jesse G

    I have no affiliation with LittleBig and got nothing in return for this review, but I’m excited to share it because I am a picky, research-oriented dad, and I am really happy with our two LittleBig bikes. I was nervous to buy them without being able to try in person, but they are well made, easy to assemble and adjust, and most importantly, my kids took to them right away and are doing great riding.

    After a lot of research online and in-store, we decided that a balance bike would be the best fit for our twin 3.5 year olds. We looked at a number of 12in training wheel bikes as well as two different well-reviewed balance bikes. Ultimately I took a chance sight unseen with two of the LittleBig bikes because of the design, weight, and ability to grow with our kids.

    Ordering was easy and the backordered bikes were shipped as promised. Transit time to the US was about a week, and they arrived well packaged and in good shape.

    Assembly was fairly easy although I found the brakes needed a little adjusting. No big deal, but worth a quick YouTube search on adjusting v-brakes if you’ve not done it before. I’m a handy person with a keen interest in materials and engineering, and a cyclist myself. I was really impressed with the quality of the frame and components; they are noticeably better than the bikes we’d looked at in-store (several of which were >=$100 more expensive.) The frame and parts really do inspire confidence that this will last the kids for years.

    Once assembled, my kids were up and away. The more confident rider was gliding on the driveway right off, but my more more cautious and clumsy child really impressed us with how quickly he seemed to feel comfortable on the LittleBig. The low step-over height of the single tube and the light weight both seemed to really help make him feel a lot more confident. They are easily able to maneuver the bikes, and the light weight also makes them so easy to put away and get out for riding. I’ve got them hanging from hooks in the garage, and it is easy to grab them one-handed when it’s time to ride.

    We are currently using the lower seat height setting, but I imagine that flipping to the higher ride position and then adding the pedals will be pretty easy having looked at the parts.

    I also bought a single CariBob strap, which is well made and handy. I wouldn’t want to take a hike carrying two bikes on a strap, but it sure makes it easy to go short distances. The strap is easy and intuitive to use, and could be used for other kid stuff, though ours will stay with the bikes.

  5. Barrie Holding (verified owner)

    I bought my grand daughter a Little Big Bike when they came out, and she loved it, now I have just put the pedals on and off she went full of confidence, her younger sister is just at the age for a balance bike so I have just bought her a sparkling pink Little Big Bike, and she tries to keep up with her from the first time she sat on it
    As a keen cyclist myself I can see the design and quality of this bike and without question would recommend the Little Big Bike to one and all

  6. harley white

    great bike, well designed and constructed. our three year old loves it.

  7. Jennifer Stahl Draper

    We are VERY HAPPY with the bike.

  8. Erez Shermer

    Exceptional bike. Bought these for my daughter when she turned 4 after she grew too big over her Strider. She felt at home right away with the “little” mode, gliding and braking at ease. When it seemed like she’s ready (and after many requests from her), I turned the bike “big” and attached the optional pedals.
    To our amazement, she learned to pedal within one hour. The experience was seamless and completely natural. A week after putting on the pedals she’s riding like she’s been doing it for years. Great success!
    I think this experience speaks for itself, but the great build quality and ergonomics are worth a mention of their own. Overall, though not the lightest on the market (especially with pedals on), these bikes definitely deliver on the promise of a seamless transformation from a little balance bike to fully capable bikes, ready to grow at the kid’s pace.

  9. Karl

    I bought a LittleBig bike for my first daughter a couple or years ago. And as other mentioned, the move to pedals was seemless and within a few minutes she was flying around with total confidence. It is now time for her younger sister to have a bike but there’s no way my older girl will part with hers, so there’s only one thing to do… buy another one. Great quality, easily assembled and thoroughly enjoyed by my girls.

  10. Morgan Thiriet (verified owner)

    So this is another great evaluation, but you deserve it so much !

    Great bike ! It’s very well designed, easy to assemble and with very good quality parts.

    My niece loves it. She’s still a bit too short to ride alone (she’s not 2 yo yet), but another 1 or 2 month and it will be ok ???? So for now, she mount on the saddle (alone), grab the handlebar and we push her, or sometimes she walks on tiptoe and we have just to help with balance ????

    About the order itself, it was really well handled despite the actual situation (Covid-19).
    I highly recommand this bike :)

  11. Luke Tichart

    I would wholeheartedly recommend littlebig bicycles. It is a quality product, at a good price with excellent after sales service. My son loves his bike all the way from when it was a balance bike to a peddle bike, (without the faf of training wheels). Save yourself money in the long run and get this quality bike. We are based in London and we still got excellent after sales service and extra/spare parts were shipped quickly.

  12. Jitna B (verified owner)

    We just received our bike and it’s beautiful. It’s well-built and really good quality. I love that the bike is designed so thoughtfully, so that even as a balance bike it’s height adjustable (something we didn’t have with another popular brand balance bike we previously purchased). I’m delighted we’ve purchased this, and also very appreciative of Simon’s support, as we needed to make a few specific requests for delivery, and he was incredibly helpful. I highly recommend this bike/business!

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