carribob shoulder carry strap for scooters, skateboards and balance bikes
CarriBob Strap

CarriBob Strap

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Carribob is a fab little strap for fab little wheels

The original Carribob shoulder carry strap is perfect for carrying the LittleBig balance bike if your little one gets too tired or stops to check out the playground. From scooters and balance bikes to skateboards, Carribob makes being out and about with kids and their little wheels less of a chore and much more the joy it should be. Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK using:

  • Carribob makes carrying more than one bike or scooter a doddle
  • Being ‘hands free’ in the park or near the road helps you keep your little ones safe and sound
  • Carribob is strong, compact and easy to clean
  • Best of all, it folds neatly into its shoulder pad, ready to grab for the next outing!

Carribob unfolds to help carry your little wheels and then folds back into its shoulder pad so that it stays neat and portable.  It adjusts in length to accommodate both tall and ‘less tall’ wearers, as well as combinations of one or two bikes and one or two scooters. Carry it cross body or over the shoulder, whatever works best for you!

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