Free Bike Delivery in Ireland and UK*. €20 Within EU And Only $35 To The USA!

Free Bike Delivery In Ireland and UK. Only $35 To The USA!

LittleBig Convertible Balance Bike

(109 customer reviews)

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LittleBig’s unique lightweight 3-in-1 design will help your child to learn to cycle with confidence.

Easily converting from a little balance bike to a big pedal bike, LittleBig will accompany your child’s whole learn to ride adventure. 

For kids age 2-6 with an inseam between 37cm and 55cm. Designed and hand assembled in Ireland.

Measure your child’s inside leg from crotch to floor, (with shoes on), and compare with the sizing information below or view the full sizing and specification.

LittleBig Sizing Chart

Note, optional short seatpost lowers pedal mode from 51cm to 47cm.

Age Range: 2 to 6 years old
For Inside leg length: 37-55cm (14″ – 22″)
Wheels: 14″ Diameter with cartridge bearing hubs and air tyres
Saddle Height Range: 37cm to 55cm (14″ to 22″)
Brakes: front and rear V-Brakes with kid’s specific levers

WeightRed, Blue,
Green, Pink
Brushed Edition
Balance Bike4.9kg (10.8lbs)4.3kg (9.5lbs)
Pedal Bike6.6kg (14.5lbs)6.0kg (13.2lbs)

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Build Your Bundle

LittleBig Little Red Balance Bike + littlebig pedal attachment silver + Widek bell for use with the LittleBig bike + bell sidetrack helmet red and orange
Price for all three: 379

No need to choose between a balance bike and a pedal bike.
LittleBig is both!

Little Bikes
Big Love

Alloy Frame

The lighter the bike, the more easily it can be pushed along, steered and lifted which will give your child a great biking experience.

The LittleBig frame is made from 6061-T6 aluminium which is commonly used in road and mountain bikes due to its light weight and durability.

Fast Rolling
14 Inch Wheels

The LittleBig balance bike with 14-inch wheels gives a stable ride and glides over bumps better than the 10″ or 12″ wheels found on most standard balance bikes.

The wheels feature air-filled rubber tires, which are comfortable, grippy, and easily replaceable should they eventually wear out. They roll on sealed cartridge bearings which are quiet and stay smooth for years.

A Real Bike
Not A Toy

LittleBig is hand-assembled in Ireland with high quality parts, including a lightweight pivotal saddle, alloy riser handlebar and forged alloy BMX-style stem. These are all adjustable to ensure the bike is perfect for your child.

V-brakes front and rear ensure your little one can stop quickly and safely. Short-reach alloy brake levers work with little hands. 

Both a Balance Bike
And A Pedal Bike

Fitting the separate pedal kit to the balance bike converts it into a pedal bike. When your little one is ready to begin pedalling, just add these and off they go!

Having learned to balance first, your child’s transition to pedalling will be easy, and usually only takes a few short goes.

Parts And Accessories

  • 40 Add to basket
  • 75 Add to basket
  • 9 Add to basket
dimensions for littlebig balance bike
Geometry Chart cm/ degreesLittle Balance BikeBig Balance BikePedal Bike
Min Saddle Height (cm)374751 (or 47 with short seatpost fitted)
Max Saddle Height (cm)455555
Top Tube Length (cm)343939
Head Angle degrees)667070
Seat Angle (degrees)787070
Wheelbase (cm)696767

Additional information

Weight4.3 kg
Dimensions90 × 20 × 50 cm

Flame Red, Apple Green, Electric Blue, Sparkle Pink, Brushed Edition


Red, Blue, Green, Pink LittleBig, Balance Bike – 4.9kg, Pedal Bike (with pedal kit fitted): 6.6kg.
Brushed Edition, Balance Bike – 4.3kg, Pedal Bike (with pedal kit fitted): 6.0kg.

Saddle height range

37cm to 55cm
14" to 22"


Lightweight and rust proof 6061 Alloy with LittleBigs unique growing frame design
Brushed alloy downtube with clear lacquer


Red, Blue, Green, Pink LittleBig, Hi Ten Steel
Brushed Edition, 6061 Alloy


Red, Blue, Green, Pink Balance Bike with 14 inch wheel, Innova pneumatic tyres, cartridge bearing hubs and silver alloy rims. Laced with 20 spokes.
Brushed Edition, 14" diameter with grippy Vee Crown Gem tyres, cartridge bearing hubs and black alloy rims. Laced with 20 spokes.


Kids short reach brake levers with alloy V brakes front and rear


Alloy stem and riser bars with soft rubber grips. Velo pivotal saddle with alloy seatpost. Velo grips with mushroom safety ends. Smooth rolling ball bearing headset.

109 reviews for LittleBig Convertible Balance Bike

  1. Samantha Faulkner

    I found LIttleBig online while searching for a Christmas present (2015) for my little girl who is two. I was thinking about getting a bike for her but wasn’t sure about a balance bike as I’d heard friends say that their children had out grown them so quickly. Then I found LittleBig, and it seemed to solve the problem, as she definitely isn’t ready for pedals yet, despite what she thinks.
    The team at LittleBig pulled out all the stops to make sure my bike arrived on time, and they provided excellent customer service, answering all my questions with rapid email response.
    The bike arrived and it is excellent. Even meeting the approval of my discerning husband (who has an engineering background). Solid and well built (maybe a touch too heavy for my little two year old, but nothing a couple more months growing wont fix). My little one is fractionally shorter than her peers, so she needs to grow a little more before she’ll be racing around on it, so for now she just rings the bell. But she absolutely loves her new bike, and I won’t trade it for anything.

  2. Erica

    I have been looking for a balance bike for my 2 year old for a few months. I never could seem to find one that was ‘just right’. The bikes were either too big or too small and not built to last. I started thinking how great it would be to find a balance bike that converts to a pedal bike. One that he can become comfortable and familiar with while learning to balance, steer, and ride. I finally came across the LittleBig. There is no other balance bike or pedal bike that even comes close to the LittleBig. The LittleBig is exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate the fine attention to detail, the overall quality, design and function. This bike far surpasses any other I found on today’s market. LittleBig is truly second to none. This bike was designed with my growing child in mind.

  3. Anne

    Our grand-daughter, aged 3, just loves anything PINK,so that’s the colour we chose when buying her a LittleBig Bike.Needless to say she absolutely LOVES it, and so do we. The quality of the components is first-class, and the finish is superb: polished aluminium, metallic paint, proper high quality brakes and wheels – just like on a bigger bike.
    We were really impressed and couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

  4. Guillaume Regis

    I was reluctant for my son to learn how to ride a bike with stabilisers, often when I am out I see older children riding with stabilisers and I did not want the same for my son. I heard all about the marvels of balance bikes so I thought I would give the LitteBigBike a try. The LittleBigBike would cover all bases, and save me the expense of buying two bikes.
    I bought the LittleBigbike for my then 3 year old as a Christmas present in 2014, and following the late Christmas Eve assemble the bike was ready to go in the morning.
    My son quickly got the hang of his new bike in the Little bike balance mode, and we often took it to a local skate park. For my sons 4th birthday in March 2015, I decided it was time for my son to start using the pedals. Initially I found that my son was not tall enough to use the big in the pedal mode, but by May 2015 he had grown a little so we tried using it again. My wife son and I went to Chiswick Park in London on May 16th 2015, for a practice run and within 20 minutes my son was pedalling away and cycling without support! I have seen an immediate effect with my son, as being able to ride a two wheel bike has further increased his confidence now that he can show off amongst his nursery school peers!
    The Little big bike is a great product, which has helped my son to achieve one of the major milestones in his life.

  5. Demelza Robson

    This bike is amazing!! A Christmas present for our Son who had just turned 3 and he loves it. He has had no problems learning to ride it and can now balance for miles!! It’s easy for him to handle making turning and gliding a piece of cake. Made of high quality materials the bike is sturdy yet light enough for my son to pick up should he fall off it. It’s great to know that it will last him years and we can’t wait to try him on the pedals this summer. A truly fantastic product. Great customer service saw the bike arrive in Abu Dhabi in time for Christmas – perfect!!

  6. Esther Gray

    I would just like to congratulate you on your amazing bike design. We’ve had a LittleBig for about 6 weeks, our five year old not having got on with the ludicrous world of stabilisers. She’s been using it as a balance bike up until this evening when we decided to have the grand unveiling of the pedals – the result was instant. She hopped on and as we were explaining to her what to do we looked down and realised she wasn’t walking the bike along next to us…she was PEDALLING! Only complaint is, she’s too excited to go to bed now!

    THANK YOU and keep up the good work.

  7. Alexis Coster

    This bike is simply an engineering feat!!! Our son is not even two years old yet, and he has been getting used to sitting on it and getting us to push him around. Surely enough, he is at a stage when he is able to hold his own weight and start to balance and push himself around! The design, colour and practicality of this bike is fantastic, as our son will have this bike for years, due to the crank and chain set that we bought for it. Overall, we are very pleased parents and have a happy and active son :) Well done Simon!

  8. leonard

    A bike that ages with you: even when you are young. Brilliant. Its lovely looking and made with quality parts.
    I think it’s the best idea I’ve seen in ages and my 3 year old Nephew agrees (even though doesn’t quiet say it like that: He just keeps flying around on it)

  9. Ilja

    Thank You for the great bike we received, I’m … The bike is wonderful! Thank you again for the idea and effort that you brought to deliver this! This is exactly (and more) what I could wish for my son.
    Bike is really intuitive and for my 3yrs old son it was question of seconds to sit on it and drive. We started with pedal-less version and are heading to full version upgrade this summer, as improvements on keeping a balance are significantly visible.
    Pedals already waiting in the drawer and as I studied the bike construction, mounting them on bike is so easy, that we will do it with my son together as a nice learning lesson.
    One more point to mention – I was very positively surprised by the really high quality of materials used on bike. Solid metal, quality breaks, painting, well covered ends of the handlebar… I feel this bike is incomparably better then the other so called “bikes for children” of the same price level on market. If you find any.
    Thank you again, LittleBigBike team!

  10. Conall

    I saw the littleBIG Late Late Show and thought it would be great for my little fella (3Yrs Old) for Christmas.

    The bike arrived the week before Christmas and I was impressed with the ease of assembly, the build quality and overall design.

    My sons face on Christmas morning was priceless. He loves his bike and keeps asking to go out for a cycle.

    I went for the Flame Red model and got the pedal and crank assembly at the same time.
    This keeps the options open for any future additions to the clan (either a boy or a girl)!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The LittleBig starts as a little balance bike for kids age two or over.

What sets our design apart is that the unique frame grows bigger as your child grows. And when they are ready to start pedalling, LittleBig can be transformed into a proper pedal bike.

Even though it starts as a balance bike with 14 inch wheels, the LittleBig has a similar saddle height to many 12 inch balance bikes.

These unique features allow it to be used for up to 4 years and take the place of at least two bikes.

For more information check out our in-depth balance bike guide.

We sell the balance bike and pedals separately so customers can choose to purchase the balance bike by itself if preferred.

Purchasing the pedal kit with the bike means you will have them ready for when your little one wants to begin pedalling and you save yourself the cost of posting the pedals separately at a later date.

We would not recommend using stabilisers (known as training wheels in the USA) while your child is learning to pedal.

Starting on a LittleBig balance bike, your child will naturally learn the core cycling skills of balancing, steering and braking. So when you add the pedals to their bike, the transition to pedalling will be easy!

You can read more information on our post balance bikes vs stabilisers (training wheels), which is best?.

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