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LittleBig Convertible Balance Bike

The Bike That Grows With Your Child

(115 customer reviews)
littlebig pedal attachment silver
LittleBig Pedal Kit US $65
bell sidetrack helmet red and orange
Bell Helmet - Red US $55
Vee tyre upgrade for LittleBig 14 inch balance bike
Vee Tyre Upgrade Kit US $40
widek bike bell
Bike Bell US $8
Product price:US $308
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LittleBig easily converts from a balance bike to a pedal bike and will help your child cycle with confidence.

Your child will transition from balancing to pedalling with ease, thanks to the LittleBig’s unique lightweight 3-in-1 design.

For kids age 2-6 with an inside leg length between 37cm and 55cm. Designed and hand assembled in Ireland.

Measure your child’s inside leg from crotch to floor, (with shoes on), and compare with the sizing information below or view the full sizing and specification.

littlebig sizing chart

*optional short seatpost lowers pedal mode from 51cm to 47cm.

How to Assemble and Convert  the LittleBig bike

View our assembly videos to see how the LittleBig changes between the three different modes.

Age Range: 2 to 6 years old
For Inside leg length: 37-55cm (14″ – 22″)
Wheels: 14″ Diameter with cartridge bearing hubs and air tyres
Saddle Height Range: 37cm to 55cm (14″ to 22″)
Brakes: front and rear V-Brakes with kid’s specific levers

WeightRed, Blue,
Green, Pink
Brushed Edition
Balance Bike4.9kg (10.8lbs)4.3kg (9.5lbs)
Pedal Bike6.6kg (14.5lbs)6.0kg (13.2lbs)
The LittleBig bike is designed and assembled in Ireland

No need to choose between a balance bike and a pedal bike.
LittleBig is both!

Little Bikes
Big Love

Alloy Frame

The lighter the bike, the more easily it can be pushed along, steered and lifted which will help your child cycle with confidence.

The LittleBig frame is made from 6061-T6 aluminium which is commonly used in road and mountain bikes due to its light weight and durability. In short, the frame is carefully designed to give your child the best start on two wheels. 

Fast Rolling
14 Inch Wheels

The LittleBig 14 inch balance bike wheel gives a stable ride and glides over a range of terrain with ease. Forest trails, school rides, BMX track, pump track, these tyres can handle it all. 

The air-filled rubber tires are comfortable, grippy, and easily replaceable should they eventually wear out. The lightweight alloy rims roll on sealed cartridge bearings which are quiet and will run smoothly for years.

A Real Bike
Not A Toy

LittleBig is hand-assembled in Ireland with proper parts, including a lightweight pivotal saddle, alloy riser handlebar and forged alloy BMX-style stem. These are all adjustable to ensure the bike is the perfect fit for your child, allowing them to push their limits and explore new adventures. 

V-brakes front and rear ensure your little one can stop quickly and safely. Short-reach alloy brake levers work with little hands. 

Both a Balance Bike
And A Pedal Bike

Fitting the separate pedal kit to the balance bike converts it into a pedal bike. When your little one is ready to begin pedalling, just add these and off they go!

Having learned to balance first, your child’s transition to pedalling will be easy, and usually only takes a few short goes.

Parts And Accessories

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dimensions for littlebig balance bike
Geometry Chart cm/ degreesLittle Balance BikeBig Balance BikePedal Bike
Min Saddle Height (cm)374751 (or 47 with short seatpost fitted)
Max Saddle Height (cm)455555
Top Tube Length (cm)343939
Head Angle degrees)667070
Seat Angle (degrees)787070
Wheelbase (cm)696767

Additional information

Weight4.3 kg
Dimensions90 × 20 × 50 cm

Flame Red, Apple Green, Electric Blue, Sparkle Pink, Brushed Edition

Saddle height range

37cm to 55cm
14" to 22"


Lightweight and rust proof 6061 Alloy with LittleBigs unique growing frame design
Brushed alloy downtube with clear lacquer


Red, Blue, Green, Pink LittleBig, Hi Ten Steel
Brushed Edition, 6061 Alloy


Red, Blue, Green, Pink Balance Bike with 14 inch wheel, Innova pneumatic tyres, cartridge bearing hubs and silver alloy rims. Laced with 20 spokes.
Brushed Edition, 14" diameter with grippy Vee Crown Gem tyres, cartridge bearing hubs and black alloy rims. Laced with 20 spokes.


Kids short reach brake levers with alloy V brakes front and rear


Alloy stem and riser bars with soft rubber grips. Velo pivotal saddle with alloy seatpost. Velo grips with mushroom safety ends. Smooth rolling ball bearing headset.

115 reviews for LittleBig Convertible Balance Bike

  1. Nathaniel S Pelletier

    If you are on the fence due to the price of this bike, buy it! This bike is a quality piece that will grow with your child for a number of years (and reduce the number of bikes you will eventually have to buy over the years). I also like that this balance bike comes with brakes since I live in a hilly area. Many other balance bikes do not or only come with one brake.

    PS, Some assembly and adjustment of brakes, etc will be required. I work on bikes in my spare time and was able to quickly adjust to a great ride for my 2.5 year old. Learning how to adjust these things can be quickly done from the internet.

  2. Aaron McLeland

    I am extremely pleased with my LittleBig bike. I was looking for a balance bike for my four year old daughter for Christmas 2016 but was a bit annoyed at the idea of what I would have to pay for a quality bike only to turn around and buy a pedal bike a few months later when she was ready for it. I happened across this during some Google research and I’m glad I did. Initially it seems expensive but when considering that you get three high quality bicycles in one package, and that you only have to go through the research, buying and assembly process really one time, it’s totally worth it.

    The bicycle is very well made. It feels sturdy, fit and finish is great, and everything operates smoothly. Simon is an excellent communicator and was happy to have the hand brakes reversed prior to shipping so that they would match the standard USA configuration.

    The bike arrived here from Ireland in great condition and was relatively easy to assemble. The pink color is wonderful and seems quite durable.

    The best part is that my daughter is in love. We were too busy to use it outside on Christmas day, but the next day, even though it was below freezing she insisted on going for her first ride. It fits her very well in the “little” balance bike configuration as she is a tad short for her age.

    Now that the weather has warmed up, she’s out riding and working on her skills almost every day. I’ve recommended this bike to my little sister who has a three year old and I would definitely buy it again.

  3. Orlagh

    Fabulous sturdy bike that our adventure mad three year old adores. It is a ‘proper’ bike and we will be adding the pedals shortly after having it as a balance bike for almost a year- just in time for 4th birthday. Would highly recommend these bikes as a longer lasting option to the basic balance bikes. Looks smart and the colours are bright and eye-catching. It’s admired by lots of people. Love it.

  4. Brendan

    We bought this bike in December 2016 for a three year old. Within three months, of infrequent use (weather and work schedules don’t allow a lot of outdoor cycling time), he is quite good at balancing and we think he could be ready for pedals quite soon.
    The bike itself is ‘a proper bike’, unlike many other balance bikes and is of high quality. However, for the purchase to be good value, the bike will have to last another few years, following the attachment of the pedals and flipping to make the bike ‘bigger’. It is too early to say at this stage. Hopes are high though!!

  5. Neil Rogers

    Amazing !! Today my daughter rode on her own with the pedals on and I am proud as punch as is she !!! I absolutely Couldn’t recommend this bike enough – she is 6 and we have been trying for so long for her to ride on traditional bikes but the staberlisers stayed on, even then she was unconfident, after alot of reading and lots of searching we found little big bikes and decided to try back to a balance bike, we bought it only 4months ago and it was clear that she enjoyed it and bobbed along as a big balance bike no problems at all and as I said today she made her transition into riding properly ?! It was like she has been riding for years !! I have a little 15month old so I will be converting it back into it’s mini balance bike state and do it properly this time ! Thank you so much little big Bikes – ps I do not ever right reviews but really felt compelled due to such a great product !!!

  6. Steve Hughes

    I was looking for a bike for my daughter who has Dyspraxia and was struggling with heavy bikes and with pedals. She is in love with it… she loves the colour of it and is able to handle it really well. The lightwieght bike is perfect as it is stylish in appearance and colour scheme, strong, well designed and built. The versatility of it in terms of being able to be bigger than most balance bikes and combine with or without pedals is great. Colour – size – weight- quality all first class. The bike is easily assembled and comes with the tools to do it along with instructions (if needed) The customer service for communications on delivery etc has been great and something that other companies should aspire to.. very happy daddy and daughter … Thanks to Simon and LittleBig Bikes.

  7. Simon Raby

    As a competitive cyclist I pontificated endlessly about the correct bike to start our son with. The LittleBig has been superb – lightweight but solidly made. If there were any drawbacks at all, assembly was not completely straightforward. Also, our son is tall but founf the LittleBig a little too big at the outset – he needed a cheap plastic balance bike for a couple of months before transitioning to the LittleBIg – probably something we could have foreseen if we measured him and the bike correctly. Overall a great piece of kit – with excellent customer service.

  8. Feral Kelly

    We took our LittleBigBike out today for the first time and I don’t know had had more fun me or my 4 year old daughter. Her first comment was that it was so easy to turn and use (compared to her previous bike), not surprising since the Aluminium used for the frame is the same that is used in my $3000 racing bike! Her mother loved it to as it is half the weight and is so easy to carry into the house. Well maybe it was her second comment as they both loved the shiny pink/silver colours. Thanks so much I got lot’s of brownie points from 2 happy women!

  9. Sebastien Miglis

    We’ve just received our bike yesterday, and assembled
    this morning. Waouh, the quality is very impressive, my
    kid was very exciting to try it! And All the people we could
    meet in the village were astonished by its beauty!!!
    Really good

  10. Paul Shea

    We gave the balance bike to our daughter on her 3rd birthday just before Christmas 2015 – it being her first bike. I must admit I was little nervous as she hadn’t really taken to a scooter earlier in the year – but she just threw her leg over it and was walking up and down the lounge instantly with a big grin on her face! She absolutely loves her bike and although we have only been able to go out at the weekends at the moment, she has really taken to it and is already confidently pulling her legs up and rolling along at quite a speed. I must say I am amazed and can really see the benefit of using a balance bike instead of stabilizers. And the product has gathered many admiring glances and plenty of interest from other parents!

    Yes it is a premium product, but you do get what you pay for and given that this should last a good number of years and stand up to the punishment you would expect a young child to give it, I feel confident that this is a sound investment.

    All in all, I am really pleased and I expect I will be ordering the pedals sooner than I expected.

    Very much recommended – and it is also worth noting that customer service has been excellent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The LittleBig starts as a little balance bike for kids age two or over.

What sets our design apart is that the unique frame grows bigger as your child grows. And when they are ready to start pedalling, LittleBig can be transformed into a proper pedal bike.

Even though it starts as a balance bike with 14 inch wheels, the LittleBig has a similar saddle height to many 12 inch balance bikes.

These unique features allow it to be used for up to 4 years and take the place of at least two bikes.

For more information check out our in-depth balance bike guide.

We sell the balance bike and pedals separately so customers can choose to purchase the balance bike by itself if preferred.

Purchasing the pedal kit with the bike means you will have them ready for when your little one wants to begin pedalling and you save yourself the cost of posting the pedals separately at a later date.

We would not recommend using stabilisers (known as training wheels in the USA) while your child is learning to pedal.

Starting on a LittleBig balance bike, your child will naturally learn the core cycling skills of balancing, steering and braking. So when you add the pedals to their bike, the transition to pedalling will be easy!

You can read more information on our post balance bikes vs stabilisers (training wheels), which is best?.

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