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LittleBig Convertible Balance Bike

The Bike That Grows With Your Child

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The LittleBig convertible balance bike gives your child the best start on two wheels.

LittleBig easily converts from a 14 inch balance bike to a pedal bike helping your child learn to cycle with confidence.

By using the balance bike before adding the pedal kit, your child will transition to pedalling effortlessly.

Age Range: 2 to 6 years old
For Inside leg length: 37-55cm (14″ – 22″)
Frame: Lightweight aluminium frame with unique growing design. 
Wheels: Chunky 14″ wheels for comfort and stability. Grippy air tyres roll on alloy rims and cartridge bearing hubs for minimum effort.
Saddle and Controls: Padded kids saddle with quick release lever. Alloy riser handlebars with kids specific rubber grips with safety ends.
Brakes: Short reach kid’s specific levers and alloy V-brakes ensure your little one can stop safely.

WeightRed, Blue,
Green, Pink
Brushed Edition
Balance Bike4.9kg (10.8lbs)4.3kg (9.5lbs)
Pedal Bike6.6kg (14.5lbs)6.0kg (13.2lbs)

Measure your child’s inside leg from crotch to floor, (with shoes on), and compare with the sizing information below or view the full sizing and specification.

littlebig sizing chart

*optional short seatpost lowers pedal mode from 51cm to 47cm.

How to Assemble and Convert  the LittleBig bike

View our assembly videos to see how the LittleBig changes between the three different modes.

“Sticking with the same lightweight, easy to use platform year after year is the recipe for success.” Matt – Canada

The LittleBig bike is designed and assembled in Ireland

The Best of Both
LittleBig Easily Switches from Balance to Pedal Bike

Little Bikes
Big Love

LittleBig Helps Your Child Learn To Cycle With Confidence​

Praise from
the Pros

Alloy Frame

The lighter the bike, the more easily it can be pushed along, steered and lifted which will help your child cycle with confidence.

The LittleBig frame is made from 6061-T6 aluminium which is commonly used in road and mountain bikes due to its light weight and durability. In short, the frame is carefully designed to give your child the best start on two wheels. 

Fast Rolling
14 Inch Balance Bike

The LittleBigs 14 inch balance bike wheels gives a stable ride and glides over a range of terrain with ease. Forest trails, school rides, BMX track, pump track, these tyres can handle it all. 

The air-filled rubber tires are comfortable and grippy while still being durable and long lasting. The lightweight alloy rims roll on sealed cartridge bearings which are quiet and will run smoothly for years.

A Real Bike
Not A Toy

LittleBig is hand-assembled in Ireland with proper parts, including a lightweight pivotal saddle, alloy riser handlebar and forged alloy BMX-style stem. These are all adjustable to ensure the bike is the perfect fit for your child, allowing them to push their limits and explore new adventures. 

V-brakes front and rear ensure your little one can stop quickly and safely. Short-reach alloy brake levers work with little hands. 

Both A Balance Bike
And A Pedal Bike

The LittleBig convertible balance bike easily transforms into a pedal bike. When your little one is ready to begin pedalling, just add the pedal kit and off they go!

Having learned to balance first, your child’s transition to pedalling will be easy, and usually only takes a few short goes.

Parts And Accessories

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dimensions for littlebig balance bike
Geometry Chart cm/ degreesLittle Balance BikeBig Balance BikePedal Bike
Min Saddle Height (cm)374751 (or 47 with short seatpost fitted)
Max Saddle Height (cm)455555
Top Tube Length (cm)343939
Head Angle degrees)667070
Seat Angle (degrees)787070
Wheelbase (cm)696767

Additional information

Weight4.3 kg
Dimensions85 × 19 × 30 cm

Flame Red, Apple Green, Electric Blue, Sparkle Pink, Brushed Edition

Saddle height range

37cm to 55cm
14" to 22"


Lightweight and rust proof 6061 Alloy with LittleBigs unique growing frame design
Brushed alloy downtube with clear lacquer


Red, Blue, Green, Pink LittleBig, Hi Ten Steel
Brushed Edition, 6061 Alloy


Red, Blue, Green, Pink Balance Bike with 14 inch wheel, Innova pneumatic tyres, cartridge bearing hubs and silver alloy rims. Laced with 20 spokes.
Brushed Edition, 14" diameter with grippy Vee Crown Gem tyres, cartridge bearing hubs and black alloy rims. Laced with 20 spokes.


Kids short reach brake levers with alloy V brakes front and rear


Alloy stem and riser bars with soft rubber grips. Velo pivotal saddle with alloy seatpost. Velo grips with mushroom safety ends. Smooth rolling ball bearing headset.

165 reviews for LittleBig Convertible Balance Bike

  1. Garrett Kennedy (verified owner)

    Great product and service

  2. Pat Koestner (verified owner)

    According to my grandson who I gave it to yesterday, “I like it real good.“

    I’m an amateur bike mechanic and appreciate good components. I have shopped far and wide for a kid’s bike that would really impress me. This is it!

    As I said to my grandson, it has big bike parts like mine. That’s what really impressed me. It’s real solid yet light weight, has truly functional hand brakes, and a real headset for the handlebars. The wheel bearings are smooth and solid as well as on the pedal assembly. Who would’ve thought on a kids bike! He likes to ride fast, and there’s lots of dirt roads and hills around here. I wanted him to be safe on a good functional bike. I’m very pleased! Thank you all for a wonderful product!

    Oh, and this bike made it all the way to Hawaii. The box was so beat up that I actually took pictures for fear there was damage. The packing was so well done that the bike was in pristine condition.

    • Simon Evans (store manager)

      HeyPat, thanks a million for your thorough review. It’s wonderful to get such feedback from our customers. Delighted to hear that both you and your grandson love the bike. Very cool to think of the LittleBig ripping up the trail in Hawaii! Best wishes, Simon Evans : )

  3. Kristin Harris

    I honestly couldn’t have had a more positive experience with this bike- Simon and the team at little big are the most responsive to questions. They also happily adjusted the brakes to US standards, swapped out a white seat for a black one, and even asked if I wanted the wiring to match- at no extra cost. Its such a well made and thoughtfully designed bike- I looked everywhere for a bike that didn’t feel wasteful and would transition to a pedal. My son is over the moon and our cyclist friend who helped put together the bike commented on how nicely made it was. Literally THE BEST! thank you so much <3

  4. John Fallon

    The bike is wonderful. Thanks to Simon and the team for building such a lovely bike. My grandson loves it. The LittleBig is such high quality and I love that it will last him for many years.

  5. Emma McGowan

    My sister and I bought Our little nephew this bike for his birthday and Xmas present. His favourite colour is green.
    We live in Australia so unfortunately had to watch via video as it was given to him. My Dad unboxed it and was delighted with the quality and craftsmanship of the bike, lets just say he is a hard man to please.
    We were particularly happy that the bike has several ways to adjust it so it will grow with Bert, which means less waste and a happier environment.
    Couldn’t be happier. Now scared for the videos we will be getting of him on the pump track with it! No fear!

  6. Emma McGowan

  7. R O-S

    Dear Simon – Loving the WhatsApp function. Shows how in touch you are with your customers and potential customers. Just wanted to say that I get so many compliments and much interest shown towards our Littlebig. My daughter learnt how to ride with the pedals with her Littlebig in less than 10 minutes. It was incredible… She felt so comfortable and I think having a bike that she was used to manoeuvring and steering as a laufrad helped her feel comfortable from the get go. Many thanks for all yours and team’s effort to make Littlebig as secure, light, attractive, cost effective and sustainable as possible. It is a design that will stand the test of time! Continue the great work . You are a problem solver and a super innovator!

  8. Rafael Mendoza

    What a great concept and great little bike. I wish I would have known about this sooner when our son was a toddler. I was looking for a larger balance bike for our asd 4 year old. This should hold us over for a few more years. I’ll hopefully be buying the pedals next year.

  9. Rafael Hernández López


  10. Carol Taylor

    This is a lovely little bike! Took my 4yo grandson to the BMX track, national standard, so big. He got round great with balance bike mode. Was coasting loads at the end, able to manhandle the bike himself on any ‘sticky’ bits and starthill. Pedals on next week! Great quality nice looking bike, highly recommend

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets our design apart is that the unique frame gets bigger as your child grows. And when they are ready to start pedalling, LittleBig can be transformed into a proper pedal bike. More information can be found on our sizing guide.

Even though it starts as a 14 inch balance bike, the LittleBig has a similar saddle height to many 12 inch balance bikes. These unique features allow it to be used for up to 4 years and take the place of at least two bikes. For more information check out our in-depth balance bike guide.

We hand assemble each bike here in Ireland using qualty parts such as kids specific short reach brake levers that ensure your child can stop quickly and safely before progressing to pedals. Proper air tyres roll on smooth cartridge bearing hubs leading to an effortless ride. In short, we've considered every aspect of the LittleBig bike so your little one can learn to ride with confidence. 

A convertible balance bike means that your child can progress from learning to balance to learning to pedal, all on the one bike. This gives them confidence when starting to pedal, having already mastered their balance on the balance bike mode. 

For parents, it means that your child can have a simple and safe transition to pedalling. And it saves having to buy separate balance bikes and pedals bikes, which is better value and more sustainable. 

We sell the balance bike and pedals separately so customers can choose to purchase the balance bike by itself if preferred.

Purchasing the pedal kit with the bike means you will have them ready for when your little one wants to begin pedalling and you save yourself the cost of posting the pedals separately at a later date.

We would not recommend using stabilisers (known as training wheels in the USA) while your child is learning to pedal. Starting on a LittleBig balance bike, your child will naturally learn the core cycling skills of balancing, steering and braking. So when you add the pedals to their bike, the transition to pedalling will be easy! You can read more information on our posts balance bikes vs stabilisers (training wheels), which is best? or Ten Reasons Not TO use stabilisers on your kids’s bike.

The LittleBig is great for kids age 2 to 6. For more information read our sizing guide.

With the growing frame and the option to add pedals, LittleBig lasts longer than any other balance bike. 

Yes, we can deliver the LittleBig to the United States with our national post service AnPost who works with USPS. Delivery costs $39 USD is fully tracked door to door and takes approximately one week. At only US$39 per bike it’s the best value possible to get a pretty big bike box to you! 


Your order excludes tax, but you may need to pay your local sales tax on arrival to your country, which the delivery company arranges.


We will set the brakes up in the standard United States style, with the front brake on the left brake lever, and the rear brake on the right. 

We offer free delivery to the UK which takes approximately 2-3 working days with DPD couriers. If the item is in stock, we aim to dispatch orders the same or next working day.

Customers in England, Scotland and Wales

DPD couriers will text you to pay UK VAT at 20% of your order value, plus a £5 admin fee. This equates to approximately £40 for the convertible balance bike or £50 for the balance bike and pedals.

Northern Ireland Customers

VAT is paid on our website, and there are no further taxes are charges. What you see on the website is the final cost to you.

Customers outside the EU will not be charged tax on our website, but you may need to pay taxes when the bike is imported to your country.

The delivery costs do not form part of the tax payment, they are specifically for delivering the package to the destination. See our shipping page for more information.

We want to make the best convertible balance bike that will allow kids to learn to cycle with confidence.

As a team of bike nuts, we adore bikes and want to give kids the love of bikes too by starting them off on the best foot (or pedal!).

Our LittleBig bike is designed to give kids the best start on two wheels, first by using the balance bike mode, then easily transitioning to pedalling.


Learn more about us including our aims, founding story, and green ethos.


Ireland and EU

We offer free bike shipping in Ireland which takes 1-2 days with DPD couriers.

We ship within the EU with DPD for €20 which takes between 3-6 days depending on your country. View Delivery Page.

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Customers in England, Scotland and Wales We offer free bike shipping which takes 2-3 working days.  

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Northern Ireland Customers pay 23% Irish VAT on our website, but nothing further.

United States and Canada

Your bike will be set up in the United States, Canada style with the front brake on the left and the rear brake on the right. 

We ship your order with our national post service AnPost who works with USPS in the United States and CanadaPost in Canada. This delivery is fully tracked door to door and takes approximately one week. 

At only US$39 per bike it’s the best value possible to get a pretty big bike box to you! 

Your order excludes tax, but you may need to pay your local sales tax on arrival to your country, which the delivery company arranges.