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Genuine replacement parts for the LittleBig bike.

If the item you need is not on this list, please contact us and we will sort you out.

Spare Part options:

14″ x 1.95 tyre for LittleBig bike.

Inner tube for LittleBig bike. 14″ x 1.95″ with Schrader valve.

135mm long seatpost for use with the LittleBig saddle. This lowers the saddle height in the pedal bike mode to 47cm.

175mm long seatpost for use with the LittleBig saddle. This is the same length as the original seatpost.

Rear brake cable inner, 945mm long.

Front brake cable inner, 495mm long.

Brake noodle (silver bent pipe) for brakes on the LittleBig bike.

Chain guard for LittleBig chainring

Front wheel. Tyre and tube sold separately.

Rear wheel. Tyre and tube sold separately.

White handlebar grips

Black handlebar grips

White saddle

Black saddle

Brake Pads

If the item you require is not available, please contact us.

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14 inch Tyre, Inner Tube, Short Seatpost (13.5cm), Original Seatpost (17.5cm), Replacement Saddle, Rear Brake Cable, Front Brake Cable, Brake Noodle (Silver Bent Pipe), Chain Guard, Front Wheel, Rear Wheel, White HandleBar Grips, Black Handlebar Grips, White Saddle, Black Saddle, Brake Pads


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Frequently Asked Questions

The LittleBig starts as a little balance bike for kids age two or over.

Unlike most balance bikes, as your child grows, the unique frame can grow too!

You can then convert your balance bike with pedals (sold separately), transforming it into a proper pedal bike.

For more information about balance bikes and how they work, check out this article.

We sell the balance bike and pedals separately so customers can choose to purchase the balance by itself if preferred.

It’s handy to purchase the pedals and have them ready for when your little one wants to begin pedalling.

Things might click with your kid’s confidence and coordination and you might want to strike while the iron is hot and try the pedals ASAP rather than waiting for us to send them to you. You also save the cost of posting the pedals separately.

We would not recommend using stabilisers (known as training wheels in the USA) while your child is learning to pedal. Having started on a balance bike, your child should now be comfortable gliding along independently, so the transition to pedalling will be easy. Putting stabilisers onto the LittleBig bike would be a backwards step as your child would become used their support, undoing all the good work.  You can read more information on our post balance bikes vs stabilisers (training wheels), which is best?.

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To our valued customers in England, Scotland and Wales

The way you pay tax on your order has changed, but the end cost to you is the same.

Example cost breakdown:
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£42 UK VAT & admin fee
£227 Same cost as before Brexit

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