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Sizing Guide

When choosing a bike for your child, it’s essential it’s the right size and suits their stage of development.

With the LittleBig, you don’t need to choose between a balance bike or a pedal bike; it’s three bikes in one!

One Bike Three Modes

When your child is ready to try pedalling, LittleBig easily converts from a balance bike to a pedal bike.

Mode 1 – Little Balance Bike
Mode 2 – Big Balance Bike
Mode 3 – Pedal Bike

As your child grows, learns and progresses, LittleBigs unique frame will grow with them, ensuring they always ride a perfectly fitting bike.

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LittleBig Age Range

Top Tip!

Getting the right size bike for your child is very important. If the bike is too little, or too big, it will not be as safe, comfortable or enjoyable to ride. The LittleBig's unique growing frame means it will fit your child perfectly for many years.

How To Check If the Bike Fits

The LittleBig convertible balance bike will work for children age 2 to 6 years old.

To start on the balance bike comfortably, your child should be able to have their feet flat on the ground while sitting on the saddle. 

Measure your child’s inside leg length and compare to the chart. They will need to have a minimum inside leg length (with their shoes on) of 37cm/14″ to start using the bike in little balance bike mode. The maximum inside leg to fit the bike comfortably is 55cm/ 22″.

*The minimum inside leg length for starting on the pedal bike is 51cm but this can be reduced to 47cm using the optional short seatpost

How Do You Know When your Child Is Ready For Pedalling?

In order to start pedalling on the LittleBig bike, your child’s inside leg length needs to be approximately 51cm, or 47cm with the optional short seatpost fitted. As well as fitting  the bike correctly, your child should also be able to:

  • Coast along with their feet up
  • Able to make controlled turns
  • Preferably able to use the balance bike’s brakes (if it has them)
  • Have the strength to pedal the bike

We go into this topic further on our post How To Teach Your Child To Ride Confidently And Safely.

How to measure inside leg length

With your child wearing their shoes, stand them with their back against a wall.

Place a book against the wall between their legs.

Move the book up as high as is comfortable.

Measure from the top of the book to the floor and this is the inside leg length.

LittleBig Geometry

While the LittleBig is a 14 inch balance bike, (i.e. the wheels are 14 inch diameter) the unique frame design means it’s similar to a 12 inch balance bike in the little mode (1) and like a 14/16 inch bike in big mode (2 and 3).
Geometry Chart cm/ degreesLittle Balance Bike
Mode 1
Big Balance Bike
Mode 2
Pedal Bike
Mode 3
Min Saddle Height (cm)374751 (or 47 with short seatpost fitted)
Max Saddle Height (cm)455555
Top Tube Length (cm)343939
Head Angle degrees)667070
Seat Angle (degrees)787070
Wheelbase (cm)696767


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