Balance Bike with 14 inch wheels

The LittleBig no pedal balance bike – also called a kids push bike or strider bike – is the perfect way to get your little one riding without the need for stabilisers, AKA training wheels.

Your child starts on the little balance bike, as they get taller they can progress to the big balance bike, and finally to the big pedal bike.

As the bike changes between the three stages, the saddle height and handlebar reach increase, so it literally grows with your child.

LittleBig overlay of little balance bike and big balance bike

The LittleBig rolls on 14 inch wheels with air tyres that keep your child comfortable and provide plenty of grip.  

The long lifespan means fewer bikes are needed, saving money and leading to less waste and material consumption.

With big 14 inch wheels, lightweight alloy frame and personal customer service, we’ll make sure both you and your little one love the LittleBig bike. 

Will the LittleBig Fit My Child?

In order to use the LittleBig balance bike safely, it’s important that it’s the correct fit for your child. This will ensure a successful start on their new bike!

In order to use the balance bike safely, your child’s inside leg length with shoes on and feet flat on the ground, needs to be at least 37cm (14.5″).

This means they can have their feet flat on the ground while sitting in the saddle.

When your child is standing on the balls of their feet, their inside leg needs to be at least 49cm (19.5″).

If the optional short seatpost is fitted, the saddle can be lowered to 47cm (18.5″) in pedal mode.

This means they can reach the ground with the balls of their feet while sitting in the saddle, which is required for starting and stopping the bike. 

The maximum inside leg length for comfortably using the LittleBig bike is 55cm (22″).

Hover over image to see the bike transform

Hover over image to see the bike transform

Lightweight Alloy Frame

littlebig bike stem and bars detail

LittleBig frame is made from 6061-T6 aluminium which is commonly used in road and mountain bikes due to its light weight and durability. 

The lighter the bike weighs, the more easily it can be pushed along, lifted and manoeuvred which will allow your child to have a great biking experience.

A Real Bike, Not a Toy

Alloy short-reach V-brakes front and rear ensure your little one can stop easily and safely.

LittleBig is fitted with quality parts such as a lightweight pivotal saddle, alloy riser handlebar and forged alloy BMX style stem.

The saddle, handlebars and stem are similar to what you would find on an adult’s bike, so can fine tune the bike’s fit. 

Fast-Rolling 14 Inch Wheels

littlebig bike rear view detail

LittleBig’s large 14 inch wheels give a stable ride and glide over bumps better than the 10″ or 12″ wheels found on most standard no-pedal balance bikes.

The wheels roll on sealed cartridge bearings, with multi surface air-filled rubber tires which are comfortable, grippy, and are easily replaceable should they eventually wear out.

How does the LittleBig Convert into a Pedal Bike?

Fitting the separate pedal kit to the LittleBig balance bike converts it into a proper pedal bike. No need to change bikes when your little one is ready to pedal, just add these and you’re ready to go. Having learned to balance first, the transition to pedalling is easy and usually only takes a few short goes.
littlebig pedal attachment fitted to red bike

Geometry and Specification

LittleBig dimensions - how big does it grow?
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Customers in England, Scotland and Wales will not be charged VAT through our shop, but will need to pay UK VAT at 20% once your order arrives in the UK. Taxes are handled by DPD who charge a £5 admin fee.


Example: for the classic bike and separate pedal attachment, the taxes and charges equate to approximately £49 GBP.


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