The LittleBig balance bike with pedals gives your child the best start on two wheels. No need for stabilisers (A.K.A. training wheels), balance bikes allow toddlers to glide along effortlessly while quickly developing their coordination and giving them the freedom to explore.

No need for stabilisers/ training wheels, go for a balance bike instead



As your toddler grows, LittleBig adapts into a balance bike for big kids with a higher saddle and longer handlebar reach. Once your child is balancing happily, a simple pedal attachment converts the balance bike into a proper pedal bike.

The LittleBig bike is designed and assembled in Ireland
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From age two to seven, LittleBig grows with your child. Designed & hand assembled in Ireland, the award-winning LittleBig balance bike with pedals boasts a beautifully finished alloy frame, front and rear brakes and quality parts like those on a big bike – only little.

LittleBig bikes won a Red Dot Design Award 2015
Two Wheeling Tots Best in Class
Made For Mums Toy Awards 2019 Bronze



LittleBig is a balance bike with pedals, it grows too!

LittleBig bike in balance bike and pedal bike modes, for kids age 2-7
  • LittleBig starts as a no pedal balance bike for a two year old. To scoot forwards, kids push off the ground with their feet, like Fred Flintstone. No need for stabilisers, (A.K.A. training wheels), balance bikes help kids develop their coordination before progressing to pedals.
  • Flipping the rear of the frame converts LittleBig into a bigger balance bike with a higher saddle & longer arm reach.
  • Balancing mastered? Pedals can be added too! Kids can learn to pedal without having to change bikes, meaning more confidence and more fun!
  • Designed and assembled in Ireland, LittleBig is a real bike, not a toy. The lightweight alloy frame is fitted with alloy wheels with air tires, bearings on all rotating parts and front and rear alloy V brakes so they can stop safely and smoothly.
  • LittleBig balance bike is also great for kids with special needs such as Autism, Dyspraxia and Down Syndrome as the growing frame gives them extra time to learn.
  • LittleBig’s simple considered design, long life-span and quality parts mean it’s more sustainable than most kids bikes. When your little one has outgrown the pedal bike, you can revert back to the balance bike, ready to pass on to another child.

Customer Reviews of the LittleBig Bike

These bikes are a fantastic invention and exceedingly clever. People love to complain about products and I had to take the time to send a personal thank you to Simon, the owner, to show him my gratitude. Both of our children are now such confident riders thanks to their LittleBig Bikes. You should be very proud of your product and your brand!! Its amazing! Irfan, Dubai, UAE.
I am very impressed with the build and quality of the frame and I would recommend the LittleBig bike to anyone. I can’t express my joy to share my passion for bicycling with my little man and I believe that the LittleBig Bike is setting him up for a lifelong love of cycling. Thanks so much LittleBig, you have surpassed my (very steep) expectations. Eric, USA
I purchased this bike for my 3 year old son. He was having a hard time with pedals on other bikes we had tried. He took off on this bike the day he got it; he rode the bike all evening until it became dark.It is incredibly well balanced, and is of exceptional quality. I could not be happier, and am so glad we went with the little big bike. Nicole, USA
Our daughter quickly got the hang of balancing…after practicing a few times, she is now able to cycle by herself. The whole transition of first balancing, then properly cycling on a single bike worked out even better than we had hoped for. Rebecca, UK
The bike engineering is ingenious, high quality, and built to last. Shipping was astonishingly fast; we received it in the US within just 4 days. Communication and customer service were outstanding and they kindly modified the brakes to adhere with US standards. Brian, USA
I must say I am amazed and can really see the benefit of using a balance bike with pedals instead of stabilisers. And the product has gathered many admiring glances and plenty of interest from other parents! Very much recommended – and it is also worth noting that customer service has been excellent. Paul, UK
The bike arrived and it is excellent. She absolutely loves her new bike, and I won’t trade it for anything. Samantha, UK
I was looking for a bike for my daughter who has Dyspraxia and was struggling with heavy bikes and with pedals. She is in love with it… she loves the colour of it and is able to handle it really well. The lightweight bike is perfect as it is stylish in appearance and colour scheme, strong, well designed and built. Steve, UK
She’s been using it as a balance bike up until this evening when we decided to have the grand unveiling of the pedals – the result was instant. She hopped on and as we were explaining to her what to do we looked down and realised she wasn’t walking the bike along next to us…she was PEDALLING! THANK YOU and keep up the good work. Esther, UK
The LittleBig has been superb – lightweight but solidly made. Simon, UK
There is no other balance bike or pedal bike that even comes close to the LittleBig. The LittleBig is exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate the fine attention to detail, the overall quality, design and function. This bike far surpasses any other I found on today’s market. LittleBig is truly second to none. This bike was designed with my growing child in mind. Erica, USA
The bike is wonderful! I was very positively surprised by the really high quality of materials used on bike. Ilja, Czech Republic
This bike is simply an engineering feat!!! Our son is not even two years old yet, and he has been getting used to sitting on it and getting us to push him around. The design, colour and practicality of this bike is fantastic. Alexis, UK
This bike is amazing!! (Our Son) had no problems learning to ride it and can now balance for miles!! It’s easy for him to handle making turning and gliding a piece of cake. Made of high quality materials the bike is sturdy yet light enough for my son to pick up. A truly fantastic product. Dee, Abu Dhabi
The quality of the components is first-class, and the finish is superb: polished aluminium, metallic paint, proper high quality brakes and wheels. We were really impressed and couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Anne, Ireland
Waouh, the quality is very impressive, my kid was very exciting to try it! And All the people we could meet in the village were astonished by its beauty!!! Sebastien, France
I have seen an immediate effect with my son, as being able to ride a two wheel bike has further increased his confidence now that he can show off amongst his nursery school peers! The Little big bike is a great product, which has helped my son to achieve one of the major milestones in his life. Guy, UK
(My Daughter’s) first comment was that it was so easy to turn and use (compared to her previous bike), not surprising since the Aluminium used for the frame is the same that is used in my $3000 racing bike! Her mother loved it too as it is half the weight and is so easy to carry into the house. Fergal, Estonia
I was impressed with the ease of assembly, the build quality and overall design. My sons face on Christmas morning was priceless. He loves his bike and keeps asking to go out for a cycle.