LittleBig Brushed Edition Balance Bike

$ 276

Brushed Edition LittleBig bikes are out of stock until winter 2022.

  • Starts as a little aluminium balance bike for kids age two or over
  • As your child grows, the unique frame can grow too
  • Fitting the pedal attachment converts the LittleBig into a big pedal bike
  • Free UK and Ireland shipping*, €20 to the USA. We deliver worldwide!
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LittleBig Brushed Edition all aluminium balance bike with black rims and fat knobbly tyres, perfect for off-road adventures. The lightweight alloy fork and 2.25″ Vee Crown Gem tyres save over 600g (1lb) over the standard bike, bringing the total weight down to 4.5kg (10lbs).

The skinwall knobbly tyres give lots of cushioning and grip for those off-road adventures. They look sweet too!

Includes the growing balance bike only, pedal and crank attachment sold separately.

  • LittleBig growing balance bike – Brushed Edition
  • Assembly guide
  • Tools

Other colours to choose from: Electric Blue / Apple Green / Flame Red / Sparkle Pink

Additional information

Weight7 kg
Dimensions90 × 20 × 50 cm
Wheel Size

14" Diameter

Frame Material

6061 Alloy

4 reviews for LittleBig Brushed Edition Balance Bike

  1. Sara Hopper

    I purchased a LittleBig Bike last fall for our now 5 year old son after doing a LOT of online research. He had outgrown his smaller Strider bike, and wanted pedals, but I didn’t think he was quite ready. I didn’t want to go right to a pedal bike and have it be too much for him, nor did I want buy a larger balance bike and then have to get yet another bike within a year, so this convertible bike was perfect. It is solidly made and looks that way — it is also really cute! :) We’ve gotten a number of compliments/questions about it. More importantly, it’s worked great — he was able to graduate from a smaller balance bike to this slightly bigger one, get used to that, learn how to use the handbrakes, and when it was clear he was ready (riding down curbs, doing little circles, etc.) we used the video on the website to convert the bike to big bike mode and put the pedals on. Easy. He learned to ride in about 5 minutes! Honestly, this bike is great — can’t say enough good things. Also the company’s customer service is outstanding — we are in the US and had a minor issue related to shipping and the company was immediately responsive, respectful, and offered a couple different options re: how to fix it.

  2. Brid

    We bought this bike for our boys 2nd birthday and by 3.5years he was pedalling! Best thing we’ve ever bought without a doubt! He’s 4 years old now & he cycles outside for hours. Absolutely loves it. So sturdy & it has taken ALOT of bangs. Just about to put an order in for our 2year old girl by the request of her brother so they can cycle together

  3. Andrea (verified owner)

    A great product! My daughter loves her Little Big Bike. Quality is excellent, assembly is easy, and customer service is excellent as well throughout the entire ordering process. I bought a Strider before (now it’s too small for my daughter), and I am extremely satisfied with the Little Big Bike, I’m sure my daughter will enjoy it for years (with hindsight, I should have bought the Little Big Bike from the very beginning since it’s absolutely ideal for all ages). Definitely recommended!

  4. Jodie hodson

    I’m absolutely over the moon with this bike!
    10000% worth the money.
    I bought my 3 year old it for his 3rd birthday as it was stylish. Put the peddles on it yesterday and let him go, he rode like he’s been riding years, no accidents, hasn’t fallen off and absolutely loves his now “big boy bike with pedals”
    He couldn’t wait to take it to pre-school today and show everyone. All the teachers commented that they have never known a 3 year old be able to ride a bike, let alone the first time.
    I’ve recommended this bike to everyone.
    Best money I have ever spent.

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