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What Balance Bike is Right for my Child’s Age?

The question I get asked most often by customers is “is your balance bike suitable for my child who is (insert number here) years old?”

To be fair, it’s a reasonable question, and I understand why it’s usually asked in this way.

But, while age is a factor in deciding what type/size of balance bike to get, we should remember that children (like adults) are all different, and develop at different rates. So other factors have to be considered too, such as size, balance & coordination skills, special needs etc.

Some kids will happily pedal away independently at 3 or 4 years of age, while others might take a bit longer to ride off into the sunset. It’s not uncommon for some kids to scoot along on the balance bike until they’re 6, 7 or even older.

So while there will always be exceptions, the age ranges I’ve used in this post are, anecdotally, the average ages that kids will be at the various stages of their “learning to cycle” journey.

At what age should my child start riding a balance bike?

On average, I find that a child of 2 years old is physically and developmentally ready to start riding a balance bike. In fact, I’d encourage kids to start on a balance bike as soon as they feel confident enough to do so.

A balance bike will help your child improve their balance and coordination. It’s great exercise too, so will help with their overall physical development.

As a child grows in both age and physical size, their bike obviously needs to adapt too. If they’re not quite ready to move to a pedal bike then it’s important for continued development that the frame can be adjusted to fit their growing legs. Most balance bikes unfortunately don’t allow this type of adjustment, and you might end up having to buy a bigger balance bike.

What’s most important is to ensure that your bike is the correct size for your child, otherwise it will delay their cycling development and make it more difficult to learn. That same principle applies to all bike purchases, whether it’s for a child or an adult.

Best balance bike for toddler (2 or 3 year old)?

Of course I’m going to be biased on this. But there are many good reasons why I believe the LittleBig balance bike is the best option for a 2 – 3 year old child:

  • Easy to assemble
  • High quality materials
  • Choice of bright colours
  • Cool design your child will love
  • Chunky tyres allow smooth, comfortable ride
  • Multiple levels of adjustment so you can adjust bike as your child grows
  • Sustainable & eco-friendly. with reduced material waste and assurance of a long product life.

When choosing the best balance bike for a 2/3 year old child, you need to consider safety & stability, along with aesthetic appeal. If your child doesn’t like how the bike looks, you’ll have a hard job getting them to try it out.

For adults, ensuring a safe ride on a well-built bike that won’t fall apart, would probably be factors in the decision-making.

Our unique design achieves this balance. Your child will love riding the balance bike, while you’ll have the assurance of knowing it’s helping them learn to cycle easier and safer.

balance bike little mode brushed side

Best balance bike for 4 or 5 year old child?

The LittleBig balance bike will typically fit kids age 4 or older.

Its unique design allows you to “flip” the rear frame to convert it from a small balance bike into a bigger balance bike with a higher saddle and longer arm reach. So if your child has been riding it since the age of 2 or 3, flipping the frame will keep the familiar feel of the old bike while making it more comfortable to ride.

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Best bike for a 4 to 6 year old child learning to pedal?

The average age for learning to pedal a bike independently is around 4 – 6 years old. Indeed this is a broad age range, but as mentioned at the outset, all kids are different and will begin pedalling at different ages. Some kids are total daredevils and hitting the skatepark age 3 (or younger!), while others still tip-toe along age 4 or 5. It’s best to let your child learn to ride in their own time with perhaps a little nudging to get them onto their pedal bike if needed. If your child is a little reluctant to begin pedalling, you may find this guide useful.

There is no need to rush into pedalling. If your little one is happy on the balance bike, that’s great! They are still developing their balance and coordination and the more confident they are on the balance bike, the more seamless the transition to pedalling will be.

Usually, starting to pedal is the stage at which you’ll throw away the balance bike and buy a new pedal bike. Not the most sustainable or budget-friendly solution.

Learning to pedal a completely different bike can be daunting for some children. And if you’re tempted to add stabilisers on to the new bike, you may end up causing more harm than good.

Fortunately, the LittleBig balance bike has a solution to this problem. When your child is ready to start pedalling, you can simply fix on the pedal & crank attachment. As your child is already familiar with the bike, they’ll be able to start pedalling independently far sooner than they would on a different bike.

At LittleBig bikes we aim to give kids all the tools to begin pedalling a swift and safe manner. And hopefully by the time your little one has outgrown the LittleBig bike he or she will already be a seasoned cyclist.

balance bike pedal mode brushed side

What Balance Bike would suit my child who has special needs?

It’s really hard to answer this question without knowing more about the child’s specific needs. But what we can say is that kids with special needs such as Autism, Dyspraxia and Down Syndrome will certainly benefit from the LittleBig’s Balance Bike for a child with special needs because of its unique design.

The convertible frame and pedal attachment will allow the child more time to get comfortable and confident on the bike. This means your child can learn to cycle at their own pace, without the bike feeling too small.

Why is the LittleBig Balance Bike a great choice for most young children?

Here’s a quick summary of the main reasons why we feel the LittleBig Balance Bike’s unique design and features make it the perfect choice for a child of any age:

Age of Child Best Balance Bike for Age of Child Why Choose a LittleBig Balance Bike
2-3 years old LittleBig Balance Bike (“Little” mode) Your child will love the look & feel of the bike. You’ll love the high quality engineering, longevity & sustainability.
4+ years old LittleBig Balance Bike (“Big” mode) Unique design allows you to “flip” the rear frame so it has a higher saddle and longer arm reach. Kids can stay riding the balance bike mode as long as they wish, it’s great fun!
4-6 years old LittleBig in “Pedal” mode) Just add the pedal attachment to convert the balance bike into a pedal bike. Your child will learn to pedal sooner and you won’t have to buy a new bike until they’re ready.
Child with special needs LittleBig Balance Bike (From “Little” to “Pedal” mode) The unique convertible design gives your child extra time to learn how to cycle on a comfortable and familiar bike.


  1. Mary McCarthy

    Hi My Daughter is 8 years old and has dyspraxia. She is 127cm tall and i wanted to enquire if any of your bikes would suit her.

    Thank You

    1. Hi Mary, the LittleBig is normally only for kids age 7 max but if you measure your daughter’s inseam you can gauge if the bike will work for her. You can see the full sizing guide here. Hope this helps, Simon

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