Frequently Asked Questions

The growing popularity of Balance Bikes means there are a choice of brands available. Though Balance Bikes share some fundamental features (e.g. no pedals), there are some major differences in design and benefits among the top brands.

If you’re still undecided whether a balance bike is the best choice for your child, read our Balance Bikes Guide which should help make your mind up.

If you have questions about buying a LittleBig bike, we’ve listed some common FAQs below to help you:

The LittleBig starts as a little balance bike for kids age two or over.

Unlike most balance bikes, as your child grows, the unique frame can grow too!

The LittleBig is different to normal balance bikes as pedals can be fitted, converting it into a proper pedal bike.

For more information about balance bikes and how they work, check out this article.

No, the LittleBig is 3 bikes in 1 and can be used as:

  1. a little balance bike
  2. a big balance bike
  3. a big pedal bike (with the separate pedal attachment)
As it changes between from the little to big mode the reach gets 5cm longer and the saddle gets 10cm taller.

In addition to these frame adjustments, the saddle, handlebars and stem are similar to what you’d find on an adult’s bike so can be independently adjusted to further fine tune the bike’s fit. More sizing information can be found on our about the bike page.

No, there is not enough ground clearance in the little balance bike mode to add pedals. Typically by the time children are ready to pedal, it’s likely they will have grown into the big mode. The lowest possible height is 47cm with the optional short seatpost fitted. Kids have different heights and body proportions and will progress to pedalling at different ages, so please check the sizing info to see if the LittleBig will work for your child or contact us for further guidance.

Kids can normally use the LittleBig from age two+, then will progress to pedalling on the big bike around 4 or 5 years old. Obviously this depends on whether the child is tall or small for their age and their confidence and skill level. Some kids have started to pedal at 3 1/2 and others are enjoying riding the balance bike at 5 years old. The best way to gauge whether the LittleBig will fit your child is by reviewing the sizing in the different modes or contact us directly and we will guide you.

You can see more info on our blog post How to teach your child to ride a bike confidently & safely.

We sell the balance bike and pedals separately so customers can choose to purchase the balance by itself if preferred.

It’s handy to purchase the pedals and have them ready in case your little wants to try pedalling. Sometimes things just click with kids confidence and balancing skills and you might want to strike while the iron is hot and try the pedals ASAP rather than waiting for us to send them to you. You also save the cost of posting the pedals separately.

We would not recommend using stabilisers (aka training wheels) while your child is learning to pedal. Having started on a balance bike, your child should now be comfortable gliding along independently, so the transition to pedalling will be easy. Putting stabilisers onto the LittleBig bike would be a backwards step as your child would become used their support, undoing all the good work.  You can read more information on our post Balance Bike Vs Training Wheels. Which is Best? 

Video guides and printable instructions on how to assemble and convert to a pedal bike can be found on this page: How To Assemble Your LittleBig Bike
Customers outside the EU will not be charged VAT on our website, however you will be responsible for paying your own countries import duty and taxes. This applies to UK customers since 1st January 2021. The delivery costs shown below do not form part of the VAT and duty payment, they are specifically for delivering the package to the destination. See our customer satisfaction page for more info.

All the delivery information is on the delivery page, including transit times, delivery costs, potential taxes and information on tracking. 

Like most adult and kids bikes, the LittleBig bikes frames and components are made in Asia, namely Taiwan and China, to our exact design and specification. We deal with the factories directly and have a long term personal relationship with them.

The parts are imported into our workshop in Wicklow, Ireland. We then hand assemble, tune and package each LittleBig, ensuring it arrives with you in perfect condition.

LittleBig Bikes don’t currently have any promotional codes or discount coupons available. If we do run any special deals, we will include them on our LittleBig Bike Promotional Codes page.