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boy with brushed edition littlebig bike

What Balance Bike is Right for my Child’s Age?

The question I get asked most often by customers is “is your balance bike suitable for my child who is (insert number here) years old?” To be fair, it’s a reasonable question, and I understand why it’s usually asked in this way. But, while age is a factor in deciding what type/size of balance bike […]

kids bike and stabilisers aka training wheels

5 reasons why you shouldn’t use stabilisers on your kids bike in 2022

I was recently down at the local BMX track and while I was chilling out between laps, a couple of kids started whizzing about on their bikes, or at least one of them did. You see, one of them was on a traditional pedal bike and the other was on a balance bike. While the […]

LittleBig bike rider about to pedal for the first time

How to teach your child to ride a bike confidently & safely

Learning to ride a bike is one of life’s big milestones, something parent and child will remember forever. Kids these days are learning to ride younger than ever. I was 5 when I got my first bike and 6 when I took off my stabilisers (which was a scary experience), but that was before the […]

Balance Bikes Explained: Everything You Need To Know

Do you remember how you learnt to ride a bike? Maybe your parents guided you, or perhaps you just copied your friends or other kids in the area? Whatever way, there’s a good chance you learnt on a traditional pedal bike, possibly with the addition of stabilisers (aka training wheels). But many experts now believe […]

littlebig bike vs strider 14x convertible balance bike

LittleBig bike vs Strider 14x Convertible balance bike/ pedal bike comparison

We’ve been asked a few times recently about the difference between the Strider 14x and the LittleBig bike. At first glance they seem similar since they can both convert from a balance bike to a pedal bike, but in reality they have a number of differences. LittleBig bike Designed and hand assembled in Ireland the […]

Customers in England, Scotland and Wales will not be charged VAT through our shop, but you will need to pay UK VAT at 20% once the your order arrives in the UK.


The LittleBig balance bike is duty free and the pedals attract 4% duty. Taxes are paid directly to UK Revenue and are handled by the courier DPD who charge a £5 admin fee.  Example: for the classic bike and separate pedal attachment, the taxes and charges equate to approximately £49 GBP.

Northern Ireland customers will be charged VAT of 23% on our website, but you will not be liable for any additional taxes or charges.

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