Green Thinking

Sustainable balance bike by LittleBig bikes

At LittleBig bikes, one of our main aims is to make kids bikes more sustainable through simple yet considered design, the reduction of material waste and the assurance of a long product life.

One bike per child

LittleBig’s unique 3-in-1 frame design means it adapts to the changing needs of your growing children, from a small to large balance bike then into a full pedal bike. There is no need to switch bikes to change bike size. No more excess discards.


The LittleBig uses a rust proof aluminium frame that is fitted with strong, well built parts that will last and work effectively for longer than normal.

Available parts

We have selected high quality components like those you would find on an adult’s bike. In the unlikely event that you should break a part (accidents do happen) then these can be repaired or replaced at your local bike shop.

Pass it on

When your child does eventually grow out of the LittleBig, its high quality parts mean it will still be in suitable condition to be passed on to another child.

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