LittleBig bike at the Enduro World Series

Are Balance Bikes The Best Way To Learn To Cycle?

Many people have voiced their opinions over the years on the best ways for kids to learn to ride a bike. As you know, I’ve always been a strong advocate of balance bikes as a safe & fun way to learn, yet others still feel that balance bikes offer no benefits over a regular bike […]

boy with brushed edition littlebig bike

What Balance Bike is Right for my Child’s Age?

The question I get asked most often by customers is “is your balance bike suitable for my child who is (insert number here) years old?” To be fair, it’s a reasonable question, and I understand why it’s usually asked in this way. But, while age is a factor in deciding what type/size of balance bike […]

littlebig bike vs strider 14x convertible balance bike

LittleBig bike vs Strider 14x comparison

We’ve been asked a few times recently about the difference between the Strider 14x and the LittleBig bike. At first glance they seem similar since they can both convert from a balance bike to a pedal bike, but in reality they have a number of differences. LittleBig bike Designed and hand assembled in Ireland the […]

allmumstalk reviews the littlebig bike – Ride With Them | LittleBigBike Review

What could be more joyful than your baby’s first crawl or their first steps? Well, I thought little could match this early milestone excitement until we witnessed our toddler’s first bike ride. I might have even wept a little… After testing the bike for a couple of weeks now and observing the toddler’s reaction to […]

What is a balance bike?

Why is there no pedals on that bike? A question I’ve been asked many times recently as though the pedals had somehow been forgotten and left on the shelf. As soon as I explain that they’re intentionally been left off so the child can learn to balance first, the commenter normally gives a knowing look, […]

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The LittleBig balance bike is duty free and the pedals attract 4% duty. Taxes are paid directly to UK Revenue and are handled by the courier DPD who charge a £5 admin fee.  Example: for the classic bike and separate pedal attachment, the taxes and charges equate to approximately £49 GBP.

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