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Why a convertible balance bike is the ideal choice

A lot has been written about the best way to teach kids to cycle. But it’s now pretty much accepted that kids who start out on a balance bike take to cycling independently a lot quicker and easier than those who learn by other methods. But there’s one important stage that doesn’t get discussed very […]

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7 Reasons riding a bike is great for you and your kids

No matter how bad your day is, your bike will always make you feel better. There is no freer feeling for me than going out on my bike, whether mountain biking, cycle touring or just a nip down to the shops. My wife and I are trying to instil a passion for biking into our […]

Are Balance Bikes More Popular Than Training Wheels or Stabilisers?

When I was growing up, it was every child’s dream to get a bike for Christmas, or a birthday. These days, bikes face stiff competition on Christmas and birthday lists from mobile phones and gaming consoles, but they still remain hugely popular. In this post I’ll look back at the history of balance bikes and […]

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Are Balance Bikes The Best Way To Learn To Cycle?

Many people have voiced their opinions over the years on the best ways for kids to learn to ride a bike. As you know, I’ve always been a strong advocate of balance bikes as a safe & fun way to learn, yet others still feel that balance bikes offer no benefits over a regular bike […]

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What Balance Bike is Right for my Child’s Age?

The question I get asked most often by customers is, “is your balance bike suitable for my child who is (2/3/4/5…) years old?” To be fair, it’s a reasonable question, and I understand why it’s usually asked in this way. While age is a factor in deciding what type/size of balance bike to get, we […]