LittleBig bike vs Strider 14x Convertible balance bike/ pedal bike comparison

littlebig bike vs strider 14x convertible balance bikeWe’ve been asked a few times recently about the difference between the Strider 14x and the LittleBig bike. At first glance they seem similar since they can both convert from a balance bike to a pedal bike, but in reality they have a number of differences.

Designed and hand assembled in Ireland the LittleBig has a unique sleek frame design with a high quality finish. LittleBig has 3 modes: little balance bike, big balance bike and big […]

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We’re delighted to be featured on MovingBabies, the website that provides valuable and trustworthy reviews on advanced baby gear that will have your young one laughing, everywhere you go.

MovingBabies is all about finding and reviewing travel gear best suitable for your young one.

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What could be more joyful than your baby’s first crawl or their first steps? Well, I thought little could match this early milestone excitement until we witnessed our toddler’s first bike ride. I might have even wept a little…

After testing the bike for a couple of weeks now and observing the toddler’s reaction to his new amazing toy, we can be completely honest with all parents reading this: if we had any idea the Little Big Bikes existed a couple of years ago, we would […]

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What is a balance bike? It’s a no pedal kids bike! LittleBig bikes 2019

Why is there no pedals on that bike?

A question I’ve been asked many times recently as though the pedals had somehow been forgotten and left on the shelf. As soon as I explain that they’re intentionally been left off so the child can learn to balance first, the commenter normally gives a knowing look, as though they’ve seen the light.

The origin of the balance bike

LittleBig little balance bike green bundleInvented by Karl Drais in 1818, the Dandy Horse was the first […]

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Top ten tips for getting your child started on their balance bike

wirecutter reviews the LittleBig bikes

Parents often ask us the best way to get their child started on their bike. Like a chick who’s learning how to fly from the nest, some kids will take to a balance bike straight away, whilst others may need more help and encouragement. This guide works for all kids bikes out there, not just the LittleBig bikes. Here’s our top ten tips that will get your little one started in no time:

1 – Location, location, location

An open area free from distraction will […]

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