littlebig bike vs strider 14x convertible balance bike

LittleBig vs Strider 14x Balance to Pedal Bike

We’ve been asked a few times recently about the difference between the Strider 14x and the LittleBig bike. At first glance they seem similar since they can both convert from a balance bike to a pedal bike, but in reality they have a number of differences.


United Kingdom

£220 for the bike and pedals from littlebig bikes shop, plus £50 on import to the UK. Total £270

United Kingdom

£295 for bike and pedals from striderbikes.co.uk

United States

$320 for the bike and pedals (ex tax).

United States

$290 for bike and pedals (ex tax). StriderBikes.com

Frame and Fork

Designed and hand assembled in Ireland the LittleBig has a unique sleek frame design with a high quality finish. LittleBig has 3 modes: little balance bike, big balance bike and big pedal bike. It’s available in 5 colours, all with a brushed alloy downtube: Brushed Edition, Flame Red, Electric Blue, Apple Green and Sparkle Pink.
Made by balance bike giant Strider, the 14x is the larger version of their popular balance bike, but pedals can be fitted too. It comes in two colours: Awesome Blue and Fantastic Green.


Front and rear hand operated alloy V brakes with kids specific short reach alloy levers. Using hand brakes allows kids to stop more easily and safely than using their feet. This is particularly important for bigger more confident riders or while going downhill. It’s useful for kids to get comfortable using hand brakes before progressing to a bigger bike, which will certainly have both brakes.

USA versions of the Strider come with a rear coaster (back pedal brake) only. This means it’s not possible to brake while in balance bike mode (since there are no pedals fitted to operate the brake) In pedal mode only the rear wheel is slowed which can lead to skidding.

The UK version has a front and rear sidepull brakes with plastic brake levers, these brakes are not as powerful as V brakes and require more hand power to slow the bike.


500mm wide, 80mm rise alloy handlebar. Alloy aheadset (threadless) stem with sealed ball bearing headset for smooth, rattle free steering and longevity. Velo soft rubber grips with flanged ends.
68mm rise with alloy/ steel stem and plastic bushing headset. Strider grips with flanged ends.


89mm alloy cranks to provide sufficient leverage while not requiring too much bend at the knee at the top of the pedal stroke. 28 tooth chainring with 14 tooth rear sprocket.
75mm which will not provide much leverage to start from a standstill. Okay for smaller, powerful riders but not for those with longer legs. 28 tooth front chainring with 16 tooth rear sprocket.


Full width resin body for plenty of support for the riders foot for comfort and grip.
Strider “Easy Stride” pedals. Designed to help riders to push off the ground while starting off but will not provide as much grip while pedalling.


Cartridge bearing alloy hubs laced to 14″ alloy rims with 20 spokes. 1.95″ wide pneumatic (air) tyres to provide cushioning and grip on varied terrain.
14″ alloy rims laced to alloy hubs with chrome spokes. 1.75″ wide pneumatic tyres.


  • Balance bike: 5.1kg (11.2lbs)
  • Pedal bike: 6.6kg (14.5lbs)
  • Balance Bike: 4.5kg (Brushed Edition)
  • Pedal Bike: 6kg (Brushed Edition)
  • Balance bike: 5.5kg (12lbs)
  • Pedal bike: 7.0kg (15.5lbs)
littlebig bike vs strider 14x convertible balance bike with pedals


The LittleBig is built like a real bike, not a toy and many of the parts can be serviced or repaired at your local bike shop. Alternatively, we stock all parts of the bike so can send replacements if ever needed.

The 14x uses many of Strider’s own parts cranks, saddle, headset etc) which would need to be sourced from Strider directly.

Customer Support

The LittleBig is built like a real bike, not a toy and many of the parts can be serviced or repaired at your local bike shop. Alternatively, we stock all parts of the bike so can send replacements if ever needed (like if you reverse over the bike after your little one left it in the driveway!).
Strider has a network of bike retailers and resellers so it may be difficult and take time to find the correct place to direct your questions.


5-year warranty on frame and fork, 2-years on all other parts. No registration required. Full info here.

2-year warranty against manufacturing defects

Saddle Height

37cm-55cm (14″-22″).
View view sizing guide.

38cm-55cm (15″-22″)

Okay, hands up, I’m biased but we wanted to be as objective as possible in this comparison and read a number of other reviews including twowheelingtots.com, thewirecutter.com & striderbikes.com among others.

You can read independent press reviews of the LittleBig bike, or see our 5* customer reviews and if you like what you see, head over to our shop, you won’t be disappointed!


1 - Frame Material: LittleBig bike has a lightweight aluminium frame whereas Strider 14x employs steel, making it 400g (almost one pound) heavier.

2 - Brakes: LittleBig bike has front and rear hand operated V brakes with kids specific levers. The Strider 14x has a rear coaster (which does not function in balance bike mode). It has no front brake in the USA, and a front sidepull in the UK which is less powerful than the V brakes on the LittleBig.

3 - Price: In the UK the LittleBig is £270 and the Strider is £295. In the USA the LittleBig is $320 and the Strider is $290 ex tax. 

4 - Quality: As noted on TwoWheelingTots.com "The LittleBig is built with higher end components" compared to the Strider 14x. 

5 - Warranty LittleBig has a 5 year warranty on the frame and fork, the Strider has a 2 year warranty. 


The LittleBig bike has front and rear hand operated V brakes. The Strider comes with a rear coaster brake which does not work in balance bike mode. In the USA the Strider 14x does not have a front brake, and in the UK it has a front sidepull brake. Stopping a bike with a front brake only is not the safest way to learn! 

While the Strider has a footrest and a simple design, the LittleBig has a unique growing frame, is lighter, has front and rear hand brakes, higher quality, longer warranty, and lower price in the UK and Ireland. This makes it the best balance to pedal bike on the market and helps kids learn to ride with confidence. 

Round the world cyclist, mountain bike racer, engineer and all round bike geek, Simon Evans clearly loves all things BIKE.

Simon worked as a Structural Engineer in Cambridge for a number of years before setting off on an 18 month, 30,000km cycle around the world, testing his bike, body and mind to the limit and giving a wealth of wonderful experiences.

Coming home in 2010, he wanted to combine his engineering with his love of bikes to create a better and more sustainable bike for kids. In 2015 he launched LittleBig bikes which have now been sold to 77 countries around the world giving thousands of kids the best start on two wheels.

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